MLM Lead Generation Secrets RevealedAre you out there looking for MLM Lead Generation Secrets to building your MLM Business?  This is exactly what you should be doing.

That means you understand that fresh leads are the key to your business

The challenge with MLM Leads is that there are many different ways to get these leads online.

The 3 main ways for generating network marketing leads online and then there is a fourth that I will teach you today that trumps all others.

Here are the 3 main ways that I have found to generate leads online.

  • Generic biz opp seeker leads
  • Genealogy lead lists
  • You Generated Leads

Here’s what I will tell you, though, the best type of lead isn’t offered by a network marketing lead generation company – it is Created by YOU!

I will tell you that one of my mentors Rob Fore is a genius when it comes to generating leads and recruiting new people.  Thanks Rob for all you do for the Network Marketing Profession.

MLM Lead Generation Strategies

Generic Biz Opp List –

These lists are compiled by an MLM Lead Generation Company through generic optin forms.

They run classified ads, TV ads, and other forms of generic “make money” offers.

Prospects are then lead to a very generic “how to start a business” type of offer. No specifics are given. The prospect is answering a blind ad. So the quality of the leads is typically very poor.

Genealogy Leads –

Network marketing genealogy leads are perhaps the best-qualified prospect you can approach because these lists consist of people who have had participated in … or who still participate in… an MLM business.

These are proven participants in the MLM profession.

People who are serious enough about making an extra income working from home they paid money to get started.

The challenge with this type of list, however, is the are compiled from old and most often out-dated data. In fact, most of the mlm lead generation company genealogy lists will have less than 30% usable contact information.

How Would You Like To Become Your Own MLM Lead Generation Company?

The moment you begin to generate your own business leads is the day you start recruiting and sponsoring more people on a regular basis.

The way that I did exactly that was to use a proven platform like MLSP.

Another way to accomplish this is to build and host your own website and blogs and target a specific market niche with high value content on a consistent basis.

Take a minute and think about why you came to this blog post in the first place.

Most likely you are very serious about taking your MLM business to the next level but have exhausted you warm market contacts. You have already approached everyone you know – family, friends and co-workers.

So the question begs itself… “Now What?”

And if you are honest with yourself the choices aren’t that exciting.

You could go out and buy leads from some lead broker, hoping to hit the lottery with some superstar that just can’t wait to join your team

It might work, but it takes a lot of work and I can tell you from experience the odds are against you.

Your second option is to start generating leads and building your own list using paid advertising like newspaper ads, online pay-per-click ads and maybe run a few solo emails ads.

Again it works, but it often takes losing money on the front end before you figure out just the right combination to start generating leads and making money.

The best option is to make a commitment to master the skills of “building a business, which means learning what you need to know to start generating your own high-quality leads using funded proposals and a proven mlm lead generation system.

Done correctly, instead of creating yet another expense… you can actually get paid for marketing and create an entirely new profit center.

Bottom line?

Become your own mlm lead generation company by adopting a proven, mlm lead generation system like My Lead System Pro. It works if you work it. Then simply teach your downline how to duplicate the magic.

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Then simply teach your team how to duplicate the magic and become their very own Network Marketing Lead Generation Company and generate their own Network Marketing Leads like the Big Dogs!

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