MLM Marketing - 7 Secrets for Powerful StoryTellingFor me, MLM Marketing is so much about telling your story.

One person who is a master at storytelling in our profession is a legend, Les Brown.

If you have never heard of Les then you are really missing out.

His training and passion for this profession is unparalleled and is well worth your time and energy to get to know!

The other day I was going through some training from Les on StoryTelling and just had to share this with you.

This man’s passion has so impressed me over the years that I felt compelled to share with you.

MLM Marketing: 7 Secrets for Powerful StoryTelling

I want to make sure that you understand this information is coming from Les Brown with my thoughts added on.

I encourage you to take the time to understand and bookmark this post and visit Les’s site for even more.

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MLM Marketing StoryTelling Principle #1:

Stories are designed to  distract, dispute and inspire.

This is so very true.  For me, stories have such a power to inspire others so much more than facts.

We’ve all heard the saying “Facts Tell, Stories Sell.”

MLM Marketing StoryTelling Principle #2:

Stories should take a person on a journey to places they can never go by themselves.

It’s like watching a great movie like Narnia where you get to take an incredible journey that you may not go without the story.

People love to take these journeys so why not be the director and tour guide of that journey.

MLM Marketing StoryTelling Principle #3:

A master storyteller creates and masters a variety of strategic experiential communication methodologies that give people a vision of themselves beyond their mental conditioning and their present circumstances.

Taking people out of their current circumstances and takes them to a place that only your story can do.

If you master storytelling you can affect people’s thought process and allow them to think outside where they are now.

MLM Marketing StoryTelling Principle #4:

Stories are fueled by the energy and passion behind the words you speak – this passion creates life changing moments for the listeners.

Your passion, energy and belief will create amazing changes to the person or persons hearing YOUR Story.

You just don’t know how you will affect that person and your passion is what drives the energy behind the story.

MLM Marketing StoryTelling Principle #5:

The real power of stories lies in their ability to expand the mind, unlock the heart and ignite the spirit.

This one is pretty powerful and self-explanatory.

You just don’t know the power behind your story or the story you are telling.

MLM Marketing StoryTelling Principle #6:

Stories allow listeners to develop an optimism and hope to live out of their imagination instead of boxing them in their past failures and/or their fears.

Continues to go back to taking that person to a place they may never go without hearing your story.

Unlocking that part of ourselves that let’s move beyond those limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back.

MLM Marketing StoryTelling Principle #7:

Becoming a powerful storyteller will only happen if you train with a coach who has the expertise in extracting stories, facilitating transformative shifts, and creating a thirst for a new life, while at the same time, providing value to an audience.

As is true with anything that we do in life.

If we want to become a Master at our craft then we need training, a coach and consistency to become what we know we can.

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