MLM Mindset: 6 Rules of Success

MLM Mindset: 6 Rules of Success

Let’s talk about rules for success.  I believe there are 6 main rules of success that if followed your chances of success will increase significantly.

I heard the question ask to Arnold Schwarzenegger what was success and he replied with these 6 rules of success that I think are great and certainly apply to those of us who are building a Network Marketing Business and want to move to being a Professional.

I believe if you exercise these rules in life you WILL become Successful.

Here Are The 6 Rules of Success

1.    Trust Yourself!

You need to know who you want to be or become and trust yourself no matter what others may say.  This means moving away from what your parents may want or others may think you should be.

You need to dig down deep and find out who not what you want to be no matter how crazy or what others may think, Who You Want To BE!

2.    Break The Rules!

You have to break the rules, not the law, but the rules.  It’s impossible to be an original if you are not willing to break a few rules.

You need to think outside of the box.  When others are striving to be in the box you need to be the one outside the box looking in because you were willing to break some rules and do what others wouldn’t.

3.    Don’t Be Afraid to FAIL!

We all know the Fear is a killer and the Fear of failure is one of the biggest fears we have.  If you want to have success in your life then you need to conquer FEAR.

The difference between someone who is courageous and someone we would call a coward, is not that they have no fear.

Quite the opposite the encounter more fear in their lives because they have learned to push through the fear and get to the next level which introduces new fears to push through.

4.    Don’t Listen To The NaySayers!

People are out there that just don’t want to see you succeed.  There are many dream stealers that will tell you that you are crazy for even attempting what you want.

If you are always worried about what others are going to say or are saying you will never experience true success.

Ask yourself if those people that are stealing your dreams, are they going to take care of your family, are they going to pay for your next family vacation, are they going to make sure you have enough to retire.

The answer is absolutely NOT, so why is it that we feel the need to listen to these Naysayers, DON’T!!

5.    Work Your Butt Off!

This is the most important rule of all.  You can take a lack of intelligence, skill, and physical limitations and make a huge success by outworking everyone else.

It’s a known principle that 20% of the people do 80% of the work and that’s because those are the people that are just working harder.

Working your butt off can cover up a multitude of shortcomings because you are doing the work.  Just Do It!

6.    Give Back!

We need to understand that there is nothing like giving back to those who need.  The greatest thing we can do is pass on what we have learned and give to others.

Give something back to others will give you more satisfaction than you can imagine.  You have been blessed with success and giving back to others in my humble opinion is the right thing to do.

 These rules of success are here to help you reach your true potential.  To be what God really wants you to be you are going will need to throw the traditional rule book out and run to a new set of rules.

My mentor and friend Ray Higdon talks a lot about being successful and how to achieve what you want in life.  I would encourage you to visit his site and take advantage of all the training he gives.

The Successful Person is always looking for more and more ways to better themselves.

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