MLM Mindset: Motivational Acronyms

MLM Mindset: Motivational Acronyms

Today is going to be just a fun post with some of the Motivational Acronyms that I have heard or have used over the years. Please enjoy these and use whenever you need to make a great point.

I was inspired to do this post when I was reading a recent post from my friend Gary Bledsoe on the Power of Now.

This is a small collection of leadership acronyms, teamwork acronyms and motivational acronyms.

Some of these you will have heard before many times and others you may have never heard of before.

In case you were wondering what a Motivational Acronyms are.

Here are your Motivational Acronyms

•    NOW  –  No Opportunity Wasted
•    LIFE
 –  Live It Fully Everyday
•     LIFE  – Love Inspire Forgive Engage
•    ACT  –  Action Changes Things
•    PRIDE  –  Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence
•    SMILE  –  Special Magic In Living Everyday
•    PEACE  –  Pray Everyday And Cherish Everyone
•    GREAT  –  Get Really Excited About Today
   TRUE –  Trust Releases Unbelievable Enthusiasm
•    PURE  –  Purity Unleashes Remarkable Energy
•    RARE  –  Random Acts Of Recognition Everyday
•    PEACE  –  Pursue Excellence And Cherish Everyone
•    HUG  –  Hearts Understand Goodness
•    LEAD  –  Learn Educate Appreciate Develop
•    HOPE  –  Hanging Onto Positive Expectations
•    HOPE  –  Helping Others Pursue Excellence
•    SMILE  –  Special Magic In Loving Everyone
•    PHD  –  Poor Hungry Driven
•    TEAM  –  Together Everyone, Achieves More
•    PEACE  –  Pursue Excellence And Cherish Everyday
•    TNT  –  Today Not Tomorrow
•    FACT  – Fast Action Changes Things
•    MAGIC  –  Miracles Always Greet Intensive Commitment
•    GREAT  –  Get Really Excited About Today
•    PACT  –  Personal Accountability Changes Today – Tomorrow – Teams
•    TEACH  –  Trust Empowerment Appreciation Communication Humor
•    JOB  –  Just Over Broke
•    FEAR  –  False Evidence Appearing Real
•    NO  –  Next Opportunity
•    END  –  Effort Never Dies
•    BAMFAM  –  Book A Meeting From A Meeting
•    KISS  –  Keep It Simple Silly

So that’s my list, not exhaustive but a good collection of motivational acronyms that you now have in your bag of tricks.

Tomorrow I will be back onto training and more content to help you build your Network Marketing Business.

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Hope this post on MLM Mindset: Motivational Acronyms has brightened your day.  Please share and comment below especially if you have some other acronyms you would love to share.


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