MLM Recruiting: Are You Using A System?If you are building an MLM Company then MLM Recruiting is something that you may be struggling with.  I want to introduce you to my MLM Recruiting System Today.

In the old days, our MLM recruiting methods were something like the 3-foot rule.  Today I want to show you a method and system that puts everyone in the world into the 3-foot rule.

MLM Recruiting: 3 Foot RuleThe face of MLM recruiting has certainly changed with the introduction of the Internet.  The days of hanging out at the local Mall and attacking people as they walk by are gone.

Network Marketing recruiting now is all about relationships. The old saying is so true, “People Do Business with who they Know, Like, and Trust.”

Today it’s all about branding yourself and a lot of online marketing.  If you don’t have an MLM Recruiting System then you are going to be behind the 8-Ball.

MLM Recruiting: What Is A Recruiting System?

So, what is an MLM Recruiting system and why would you want one.

This is a system that you use to do a few things.

  • Brand YOU
  • Generate Leads That Want to be around you
  • Professional Education on exactly how to do both of those things and the tools required to accomplish it.
  • A way to generate income on those that don’t join your primary company

The First thing is you want to start branding YOU.  Remember “Wherever YOU Go There YOU Are.”  If you have been in Network Marketing for any length of time you have probably switched companies for some reason.

When you brand yourself then it doesn’t matter what company you are with people are following you not the company, product or compensation plan.

The Second thing you need is to generate leads that you can talk to and not have to be out beating the bush all day long.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had people coming to you on a daily basis wanting to learn from you and join your team, of course, it would.

The Third thing you need is a University of talent and expertise that you can draw from and learn all the best methods for marketing, MLM recruiting, branding and building.

You would also need to have the right tools to accomplish everything that you have learned from these experts.

The Last thing you would want is a system that could generate some income from those people who choose not to join your primary company.  Not everyone is going to join your company.  They may totally in love with the company they are currently with.

They may not know anything about MLM recruiting online, personal branding and making another stream of income.

You are probably telling yourself right now, I bet he has a recommendation on a great system.  If you are then you are absolutely correct.

I’m currently involved with an Affiliate MLM Recruiting System that is just phenomenal!  They have created a system that meets all of the above points and so much more.

MLM Recruiting and My Lead System Pro (MLSP)

Okay, I tell you about it!  The system is My Lead System Pro or better known as MLSP for short.

This is an Affiliate program and not a Network Marketing program, In fact, it’s the whole purpose is to help you build your primary Network Marketing Business.

The world’s #1 solution for network marketers, affiliate marketers, & internet marketers since 2008: LIVE weekly lead-generation training, a full-blown funnel & website creator, a professional WordPress-based blogging platform, a world-class CRM, powerful affiliate products that pay 100%, and everything else you require to build YOUR brand, build YOUR business, and build the life of YOUR dreams all under 1 roof. The future is here…

Here are just a few of the Features that you get with MLSP

  • Build Your Business Opportunity
  • LIVE Weekly Lead Generation Training
  • Education and Training Library
  • 100% Pure Profit Products
  • Customizable Websites & Fan Pages
  • Instant Value & Relationship Builder
  • Exposure Agent – Ultimate Leverage
  • The Community
  • E-mail Autoresponder Integration

Video & Audio Hosting, Domain Hosting, Custom Link Tracking, Proprietary Split-Testing, Beginners Marketing Guide, Live Member Orientations, Sample Ads & Resources, Global Support, Daily Wake-Up Calls, Massive Article Directory, and so much more!

Their system is all based on Attraction Marketing to do your MLM Recruiting.

If you are really serious about building YOUR business and Branding YOU then you need to find out the whole picture HERE.

I can tell you that it has changed my business forever.  I’m hitting leaderboards now and have a constant stream of leads coming in on a daily basis.

VIDEO: MLM Recruiting: Are You Using A System?


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