MLM Secrets: 3 Ways to Increase Your Posture To A Position of Strength

MLM Secrets: 3 Ways to Increase Your Posture

In Network Marketing most people struggle with how they come across when they are recruiting.

Understanding the difference between a position of weakness and a position of strength is critical in having MLM Success.

For whatever reason most new people are so desperate or just excited about their new opportunity that without knowing it the present a position of weakness.

What does it mean to come from a position of strength. Posture is Not being arrogant or jerk, it’s speaking with confidence and holding your own.

The way you can tell when someone lacks posture is in the way they walk, stand and speak. There is a big difference when youWeak Or Strong Position are speaking with a person that comes from strength instead of weakness.

Here Are 3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Position to One of Strength

1.     Your Language

What you say about yourself will manifest more into your life.

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If you say things like “I suck at prospecting, I suck at recruiting, I suck at video marketing, etc…”, what ends up happening is that you manifest more of this into your life.

Change your words like this, “I need help with recruiting, what courses are out there?, I need help with video marketing, what courses are out there?, what webinars can I attend to get this information?”.

Changing this will increase your position to one of strength.

2.    Practice Makes Perfect

If you are new to network marketing the only thing that is going to increase your confidence is to get out there and fail.

The more you are in the trenches the better you will become and the more confidence you will having allowing you to come from a position of strength instead of weakness.

I have heard some leaders suggest you buy some leads and use that as a practice platform.  I don’t necessarily recommend that but if you think that will help then by all means go for it.

3.    Choose Your Friends Wisely

One very important way to increase your position is to surround yourself with people that understand what a position of strength really is.  Surround yourself with people that have what you want NOT what you already have.

The quickest way to Decrease your posture is to surround yourself with people that are NOT inspiring, motivated, and positive.

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 So who are you spending your time with?

I hope these Network Marketing Secrets will help you develop a position of Strength and increase your MLM Success.

Remember these can be for all your MLM Marketing whether offline or online.

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Check Out Maintaining Your Power to increase your posture by Ray Higdon.

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