MLM Secrets: Understanding Team Attrition

MLM Secrets: Understanding Team Attrition

Understanding Team Attrition will help you better understand the reason for always staying in the game.  Attrition is something that every company and every leader has and is experiencing without exception.

Attrition is one of those MLM Success Secrets that most leaders never teach their team, so when it happens, and it will it causes even more people to quit.

If you understand that it is going to happen and that’s okay there are ways to handle it.

I’m not suggesting that you can stop it from happening, you can’t, but there things you can do to reduce it somewhat.

So What Does Attrition Mean exactly.

Dictionary.com defines it as this:  “a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength.”

You all have heard of the company Amway.  If you talk to the founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel they would tell you that they originally recruited 500 reps into Amway and all but 5 quit.

Here’s the great news.  From that 5 Amway has become a multi-Billion dollar company and been around for more than 50 years.

I was listening to one of the top leaders in our company the other day and he was talking about team attrition and has a team of over 600,000.  He was stating that he had lost a few thousand the week before but because he was still in the game he had growth on his team.

People are going to quit that’s just a fact of life.  People quit for all kinds of reasons most of which really don’t even make sense but they do.

What Can I Do To Manage Attrition?

First of all you have to understand that people are going to quit.  It’s just the nature of the beast people quit.Understanding Team Attrition

So what can you do to manage this really not a whole lot. I know a lot of people that will get on the phone and call and call to try and get them back.

I love the saying in Network Marketing “It’s Easier To Give Birth, Than Resurrect The Dead.”  This is so true.  Those that are going to quit have to quit and those who are going to stay have to stay.

So what we need to do, instead of worrying and having all kinds of anxiety over this loss is a few things.

1.  Create a Community of Growth – What I mean by this is to always be in the game.  Always be out there recruiting and bring on new life.  Always be GIVING BIRTH!

2.  Love On Those Who Stay – Make sure that those who choose to stay know that they have a community that wants them and is always rewarding them and loving on them.  People love to be recognized so do lots from the lowest to the highest.

3.  Continue to Educate The Team –  Make sure that you are constantly educating the team.  It’s like any profession out there they have continuing education to stay on top.  Our profession is no different, we need constant personal and professional growth.

Now understand these things are not going to stop attrition on your team, nothing will.  But what it will do is keep life in your team that chooses to stay and may, just may keep a few from quitting.

One of the things I didn’t tell you about that leader in our company was that the month he lost those few thousand he gained over 10,000 on his team, because he is still in the game, loving on his team and continually training and educating them.

Join The Discussion

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on Attrition and how you have handled or dealt with it on your team.  You never know how your comments might help another Network Marketer in his or her team handle this concern.

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