MLM Secrets: 4 Differences Between the Professional and the Amateur

MLM Secrets: 4 Differences Between the Professional and the Amateur

If you have ever wondered what the real difference was between the Professional Network Marketer and the Amateur, today we will talk about that.

The reason you want to move from an amateur to the professional is because amateur’s typically don’t make any money or build a big team to help others make money and change their lives.

Why people think that Network Marketing is different than any other profession is beyond me.  Let’s compare Network Marketing with some other big money professions.

  • NFL – 9 Billion
  • Music – 16.5 Billion
  • Movie – 80 Billion
  • Network Marketing – 178 Billion in 2013

This certainly shows how big and successful Network Marketing really is.  People like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and Warren Buffet who endorse Network Marketing.

 Here are the 4 Differences Between Pro and Amateur Network Marketers

1.     Getting over Fear.

The number 1 thing that cripples a Network Marketer is FEAR.  The difference between the Amateur and the Professional is that the Hobbyist will let anything and everything come between them and their Fear.

The Pro will understand that Fear and have the courage to break through it.

The Pro understands that to break through the Fear they need to have ACTION with whatever they fear.

The hobbyist will let any excuse let them not do what they know they must and should.

It’s a good thing that Restaurant Servers don’t take rejection personal every time someone doesn’t order dessert and they just move on.

The Pro understands rejection and fear and breaks through that’s the Difference!

2.     How They Pick Who to Talk To

The Amateur will cherry pick their list of possible prospects and only show those they think will join, where the Pro just goes through their list and understands that there really is NO way to know who will and who won’t.

The Pro also know that we don’t know who the person we are showing might know that will become a superstar.

Some Will, Some Won’t, So What.  You never know who needs what you are offering.

The Pro knows how to ask for referrals.

3.     Attrition

People are going to quit your business.  That’s a fact of life.

The Pro understands that about 80% over the years will quit.

The hobbyist will try to beg those that cancel trying to get them to come back.

The Pro understands that it is Easier to Give Birth than it is to Resurrect the Dead.

The Pro understand that you always stay in the game and you work with those that are taking action and want to change where they are.

4.    Avoid Rejection

The non-pro avoid rejection at all cost.

The Pro will embrace rejection, they will go after the rejection because they know that’s where the growth will come.

The Pro will not prejudge and just Go for No!.

The Top Producers in your company have got the most NO’s!

The Pro goes through the no to get to the success instead of the other direction.

 Well there you have my take on the difference between the Hobbyist and the Pro.

MLM Secrets: 4 Differences Between the Pro and the HobbyistNow it’s your turn to make that choice and decide whether you want to just play around with your business or you want to do something great and become a Pro.

A great book by what I consider one of the Great Pros in Network Marketing is Eric Worre Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

If you don’t have it you should pick it up NOW and read, digest it, and put it into practice.

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