MLM Skills: 5 Levels of Competence in Network MarketingUnderstanding MLM Skills and the 5 levels of competence in Network Marketing will help you understand where your team is at and how to help.

I’m so surprised sometimes when talking to new or even seasoned Network Marketers when it comes to training and personal growth.

We would never consider going to a doctor that is not consistently getting better and learning more, yet we think that we should just somehow be successful without it.

I can tell you that if you want to become a professional in any career and most certainly Network Marketing then it’s going to take training, personal development and commitment.

MLM Skills: 5 Levels of Competence in Network Marketing

So here are the 5 levels of Competence that every Network Marketer should understand and work on getting better at.

MLM Skills: Level #1 – Intentionally Incompetent

Believe it or not, there are those who get involved with MLM and know they are incompetent, but lack even the slightest bit of desire to get better or change who they are and what they have as skills.

These people will avoid training, events and really anything that even smells like education.

These people don’t last long, but can be those who will try to suck the energy out of you demanding that you do everything for them.

Working with this group is really time wasted and is better spent on the next 4 levels and let this group just fade away.

You need to be careful because this group as small as they typically are can become cancer for your team.

MLM Skills: Level #2 – Unconsciously Incompetent

This group just doesn’t know what they don’t know.

This is how must of us start out.  We are excited about having our own business and the products we have. but we

Sadly we don’t know that we are clueless when it comes to building that business.

This group believes it should be pretty straightforward and just go out and with excitement and enthusiasm try to build their business.

Sometimes they have some success.  You’ve all heard the old adage, “Ignorance On Fire!”

This only lasts for a short period of time.

MLM Skills: Level #3 – Consciously Incompetent

This group of Network Marketers now have grown to the level that they realize they are incompetent.

They know that they need to grow their skills and personal development.

This is the motivated teammate that knows they are incompetent and has a great desire to get better.  This is the person that we all want on our teams and we call them COACHABLE!

MLM Skills: Level #4 – Consciously Competent

This is the teammate that we love.  They are at the level that they are having great success and are constantly growing both in skills and personal development.

They understand how to build and train their team and have become duplicating machines.

Everything they do is because they have trained and understand what skills they need.

They have not become second nature yet but they are very close to this level.

MLM Skills: Level #5 – Unconsciously Competent

This is the ultimate level you want to strive for.  This is when your skill level has become second nature to you.

This is the place where when someone comes up to you and no matter what they say you just automatically respond with your training without thinking about it.

This is the level training you team becomes much easier because you can role play and teach without hardly thinking about it.

It’s like muscle memory when it comes to sports, shooting and other physical activities.

Understanding where you people are and where you are is very important to the development of your team.

Once you understand, measure and improve so will your team and your lifestyle!

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