MLM Success Tip: 2 Important Questions To Ask Your Team

MLM Success Tip - Communication SkillsOne of the most important things you can develop as a leader in your business is your communication skills.

I found that there are two questions that I have used over the years to continually find out more and more about my team. Knowing what your team likes and what makes them tick is so very important.

You know the old saying… “They don’t care how much you Know, until They Know How Much You Care.” 

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article on communication skills that you might like.

Communication is certainly one of the most important Leadership Skills you can learn.  In this day and age we are so tied to our electronic devices that we have forgotten how to communicate with live people.

So Here is you MLM Success Tip for Today.

1.    What Did You Like?

What this question will do is answer the question about what that person really liked about the event, vacation, training, or any other meeting that you might have had.

By asking this question you can learn what it is that really excites or motivates your teammates, family members, friends, and others.

The more we know about the people we are in relationships with the better we can serve them and just communicate with

MLM Success Tip: What Did You Like

Hawaiian Luau – Pacific Dancers


You might take a trip with the family to the Hawaiian Islands and while you are there you spend one evening at an authentic Hawaiian Luau.

Afterwards you ask each of the family members what did you like.  Each one has a different part of the Luau that was their favorite part.

One might have loved the dancing with the fire and the hula.  Another might have loved the food.

Another one might have loved the atmosphere on the beach and the night sky and ambience.  The point to this is with each one’s answer you learn something about the family member and their likes and dislikes.

This is one of those Networking Marketing Tips that is applicable in all aspects of your business, prospects and teammates alike.

Understanding what they like about a major event, a trip, training and other meetings will help you understand how to help them with their business and their personal growth.

2.    What Did You Learn?

This is the next question that is so very important.  Understanding what that person has learned from the event or meeting will help you understand where they were and possibly are lacking in their training.

This form of communication skills and the ability to listen to what the other person is really answering will change who you are as a Leader.

Going back to the Hawaiian Luau example above when you ask the family members what they learned you will get different answer from them all.

One might answer with, it takes a lot of training to dance like that.

Another might answer with, I never realized how beautiful the sky is at night here in the Islands.

And yet another might answer with, Who knew cooking a whole pig in the ground could be so very good.

As you can see each one’s answer reflects on what they have interest in and what they would like to learn more about.

Understanding Effective Methods of Communication and developing those skills is something you will be able to use in every aspect of your life not just your MLM Business.

Join the Conversation

I would love to hear your answer to these two questions when it comes to your last companies major event.  Let me know in your comments What You Loved and What You Learned from this event.

Share with the community how you are developing your communication skills and your leadership skills to build a better team and better relationship in your life.  If you have got value from this MLM Success Tip please share it with your team and others.

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