MLM Success Tip: Conducting A Home Business Meeting

MLM Success Tip: Home Business Meeting

Yesterday some friends of ours had their first Home Business Meeting for a company they recently joined.  They were telling me about the meeting and that’s what prompted this blog.

Conducting a good mlm business meeting can be the difference in get new team mates or it just being a big blowout.

I hope this mlm success tip on conducting a home business meeting will help you setup and conduct your next meeting with great success.

Below are the tips that I have for getting your home business meeting up and running from the preparation to the conduct of the meeting.

15 Tips for Running a Home MLM Business Meeting

1.     Be upfront about your intentions.  The days of hiding what you are doing and ticking people off are gone.  You should always be upfront and let them know what they are coming over for.

2.     Over Invite to the meeting. This is a numbers game and not all that you invite are going to show up.  It’s just always a good policy to over invite.  With the slight chance that everyone will show then you will have to deal with overflow and that’s a good thing.

3.     Do not over do the food and NO alcohol.  You will want to keep the refreshments inexpensive and to a minimum.  You should NEVER serve alcohol at any home meeting that you are having.  You want to keep things as duplicatable as possible and not have people think that have to mortgage their homes to have a meeting.

4.     Start On Time. You should respect the people’s time that have come to your meeting.  When it’s time to start, START!  If someone has indicated that they will be a few minutes late that’s okay start on time.  You may have some of your team asking you to wait and you will need to teach them to respect people’s time.

5.     You should be the one to start and introduce the speaker. If you are the one having the meeting at your home then you need to be the one that starts the meeting on time and then builds up the speaker and introduces him or her.

6.     Be a good host.  Be excited to see everyone.  Be a good host is just common sense.  Be excited and upbeat greeting everyone and having an excited positive attitude.  You will be the one that determines the tone of the meeting.  If you are not the host then you should still be excited and positive!

7.     Allow the guests to sit upfront and existing teammates in the back. This is very important.  Allow your guests to be upfront so they can hear everything the speaker is saying.  Another very important point is NO TALKING during the presentation.  There is nothing more rude than when reps are in the back chatting away.  Just DON’T DO IT!

8.     NO NEGATIVITY!  I can’t say enough about this.  Just don’t let it creep into any of your meetings, whether they are a business meeting or a team training.  There is NO place for negative chat or attitude.

9.     Make It Fun. This is important.  People get enough serious stuff in their lives at work, don’t add to it.  Have fun with your meetings.  Think about putting some balloons up and funny signs.  Things that will generate an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

10.   Have plenty of paper Apps available. You never know when your internet may go down or your computer is not working. You may even have enough people wanting to sign up that it would take forever if they all waited for the one computer at your house to sign up.  Just have paper apps there and available for your team.

11.   Be sure to have any marketing materials out in plain sight.  This kind of goes without say.  You should always have any good and approved marketing material available for people to take or just browse through.

12.   Don’t interrupt the speaker.  This is a major No No… you should never interrupt the speaker or correct them, add on to what they are saying or anything.  Just don’t do it.  If you have something to say wait til the meeting is done and then approach him/her on the side.  The success of your home business meeting will be a lot less if you are interrupting the speaker.

13.   Help your teammates. If after the meeting your teammates need your help talking with a prospect then by all means help.  This seems pretty obvious but you will be amazed at how many so called leaders are more about the socialization then helping the teammates grow their business.

14.   Follow up is the key.  Follow up, Follow up, Follow up… the money is in the follow up.  I love the saying “BAMFAM” which translates “Book A Meeting From A Meeting.”

15.   Follow up with the no shows. For this tip I would encourage you to read my mentor, Ray Higdon’s post on “What Do You Say When They Don’t Show To The Meeting.”

This is not necessarily a comprehensive list, but it certainly will get you started to having great mlm business meetings.

Part of having a Successful Network Marketing Business is conducting successful meetings and understanding Business Meeting Etiquette.

There are so many MLM Business Opportunities out there and they all have their own nuances on how they conduct home business meetings.  These are kinda the standards to most meetings that you can count on.

Sorry this was so long but I believe that putting on a great Home Business Meeting is a very important MLM Success Tip!

Let me know your thoughts or any other tip you may have about putting on a MLM Business Meeting that you think I may have forgotten.

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