MLM Success Tip: Making Money is All About Residual Income

MLM Success Tip: Making Money is All About Residual Income

We all want to make money from home, but is making money really what it’s all about.  Today I want to talk about the importance of Residual Income.

If you have ever talked to someone that makes a lot of money in a job, the one thing they will tell you is that they work a lot of hours to make that money.

I used to work in corporate america and make great money.  My family will tell you that I was never home and just because I was making money my family would rather have had me home with them.

I was trading dollars for hours and that presents three very real challenges.

1.   There are only so many hours in a day, week, month and year.  Which means you can only make money during those hours and that’s it.

2.   If you don’t work the hours you don’t make the money.  This becomes a real challenge because if something happens that you can’t work any more the income STOPS!

3.   You really don’t have any freedom in your life.  I found out very quickly that even when I was off work I was always at the beck and call of my JOB.  There were many times that at a moments notice I had to pack up and head to the airport and was off again away from the family.

So how do we switch from being trapped in the making money trap that we are all taught from a very young age.

We have been taught that to try and make money from home just doesn’t work and real people have real jobs.

Freedom comes from Residual Income

Freedom comes from Residual Income

So what is making money really all about, Residual Income!  If you really want to have the freedom that we are all looking for Freedom comes from Residual Income

then you need to find a way to build up residual income.

One of the only ways that I know of to do this is with Network Marketing.

All of us want that sit on the beach income that we hear people talk about.  That income that happens whether we wake up that day, or on vacation for a month.

That income comes from having a residual source of money coming in.  Ever wonder why most of the top Financial Experts recommend Network Marketing for the average and the wealthy.  It’s because of the residual money coming in month by month.

I love what Ray Higdon says when people ask him what he made his first months in Network Marketing.  “I don’t know I’m still making money from that work.”

So the next time someone ask you why Network Marketing is so good you can tell them.  The next time someone who already makes a lot of money doesn’t understand why they should have a MLM Home Business you now know how to answer them.

I would love your thoughts and comments on this.  Please share any stories you might have and share this with your team.

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