MLM Success Tip: Stop Comparing Results!

Stop Comparing Results

“Stop Comparing Your Current Results with the Current Results of Others.” I’m going to talk about just Stop Comparing Results at all.

We are creatures that are typically very competitive and we tend to compare are results with those around us. This was a very real challenge for me in my younger years.

I wanted to always be the best and when someone else came in the business and grew fast and made more than me I was very depressed. I very quickly realized that there would always be someone out there that had better results than me.

I decided that sitting around whining that someone got better results than me, or is a better presenter than me, or has a bigger team than me, or is making more money than me was not only futile but just plan stupid!

I knew I had to change my mindset and start focusing on becoming a better me. If I was going to compare I was going to start comparing the old me with the new me.

It was time to start comparing what work in my life and what didn’t work, what actions got me the results I wanted and which

Stop Comparing Results

ones DID NOT!

The Bible talks about how we are all beautifully and wonderfully made and that is exactly how we should be viewing ourselves. We need to stop comparing what others are doing and their results and concentrate on two things.

1. Work on making a better you.

This means learning more and more and putting what you learn into action. I just love what my mentor and friend Ray Higdon teaches about this. He has a method he calls ILT – Invest, Learn, Teach that is phenomenal.

2. Work on teaching others and helping them to become a better person.

This is exactly what I like about the ILT method, it teaches people to pass on what they have learned to others taking the focus off of them and on to others.

I have found in my 60+ years of life that it is ALWAYS better to give than to receive, not that it’s a bad thing to receive, but you will find when you take the focus off of yourself and stop the comparing and start with helping some pretty wonderful things will happen in your life.

The one thread that I have found with successful people, especially in the Network Marketing Profession, is that they are incredible givers.

They have moved past the comparing of people and results and turned their focus to comparing themselves in an effort to grow and get better. Then they start passing this knowledge on to their team and others.

Well enough rambling on this tip. I think we all get it now, STOP COMPARING YOUR RESULTS WITH OTHERS!

Nothing good will come from this and I guarantee you will NEVER grow a big team and you WILL have a team of RESULTS COMPARING PEOPLE.

Start learning to Compare Yourself to Yourself and make your measuring stick your growth and where you are at.

By comparing yourself to yourself you will start this amazing journey of personal growth that would take you to new heights in your life and your business.

Remember your team and the people you are working with will do what you do not what you say.

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