MLM Success Tips: The Importance of Mentorship

Ray and Jessica Higdon

One of the most important things I can think of when it comes to building a successful Network Marketing Business is having some great Mentorship.

Today I want to take sometime and introduce you to my mentor and tell you how having a great mentor has helped and impacted my business and life.

So First of all allow me to introduce you to my mentor and friend Ray Higdon and his beautiful wife Jessica.

They happen to be my upline in my Network Marketing company but way beyond that he has taught me so much on building, mindset, prospecting, training, and so much more.

Back in December of 2014 I finally realized that I needed to take my puny blog to a new level and really start using it to generate leads and in turn start making some money.

I really didn’t know where to begin so I started looking into some courses that might help with me.  One of the things I was Mentorshipchallenged with upfront was where do you get all the content from to blog everyday.

I started by taking his ILT Workshop that taught his incredible method of Invest, Learn, and Teach for generating content. WOW what a difference in finding content.

Now I’m able to blog everyday without even thinking about it.

How has this affected my blog… well in December when I started my Alexa.com score was 27 million in the world and non existent in the US.

Today I’m at 800,000 in the world and 200,000 in the US… That’s just over 3 months of consistent blogging.  Thanks Ray for that.

If I had tried to figure this out without the help of a great mentor, I might have been able to but it would have taken me significantly long and a lot more chances to just quit with frustration.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a Mentor that’s really out to help you to become successful, this couple are just that!

Sometimes having a mentor is the difference between your success and your failure.  I believe that if you were to talk to the great leaders they would all tell you they had multiple mentors.

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Ray Higdon Private Blogging Association

Ray Higdon has helped me in many different areas that have had truly changed my life and business.

Currently his biggest impact on my business has been his blog coaching and training.

I recently finished his Make Money Blogging course and it was phenomenal.

I also decided to join his Private Blogging Association on facebook and that’s what I want to tell YOU about now.

Let me tell about just some of the value that Ray is putting out on the page for us.

First he regularly does reviews of the member blog sites.  You just can’t imagine how helpful just that is only.

When he reviewed my site and I implemented the few tweaks he suggested my leads increased almost immediately.

He is regularly doing videos of incredible value for our ongoing blog education that are only available to those of us who are a part of His Private Blogging Association.

A couple of the great tips that I have got from being a part of this group are these.

1.    Make sure what you are and what you do is very clear and precise.  

Meaning no generalities.  Things like I help people make money … who do you help?

Make it so clear that there isn’t any question who your target market is and they will know it to.

2.    Make Sure your copy for your optin offer is compelling.

It’s not enough to say Get this free thing… You need to identify why they need it, what it will do for them, and what it is, video, pdf, audio or what.

The best copy or free giveaways are things like 5 steps to xxx or 3 ways you can change xxx…. people like lists that will change what and how they do things.

The value of the mentorship group that he has put together is just invaluable.  If you are an upcoming blogger or even a seasoned blogger you NEED to be a part of this Association.

The group input, value and interaction is worth it alone, but to have exclusive access to one of the best bloggers and internet marketers out there, is just beyond what you will find anywhere else and the best mentoring anywhere.

Have a the best mentorship in your life that you can get is so very key to being successful.  I Can’t emphasize enough that wherever you are in your blogging life YOU NEED to be a part of this PRIVATE BLOGGING ASSOCIATION!

 Email  Ray Higdon at  ray@rayhigdon.com  to become part of this incredible Private Blogging Association.

ray private blogging group

Join The Group – Email Ray Higdon

Share this with all the bloggers new, inspiring, and seasoned, that you know.  You and They will be glad you did.  Again just email Ray Higdon at ray@rayhigdon.com

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