MLM Success Tip: Consistency

MLM Success Tip: Consistency

Our MLM Success tip for today is consistency.  Consistency is probably one of the most important things a new Network Marketer can do.

Being consistent in your daily mode of operation will help you develop great habits and establish an example for your team.

I love the saying “Consistency is not Perfection It’s Simply Refusing To Give Up” what a great MLM Success Tip.

Here’s a great example of what consistency to can do for you blogging. In January of this year I started blogging everyday consistently.

MLM Success Tips: Consistency

Alexa.com Rank as of 3-12-2015

My alexa.com score at that point was 27,000,000 in the world and non-existent in the USA.

So you can see that a great MLM Success Tip of consistency is something that really works.

Here’s how dictionary.com defines consistency: “steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.” 

I love the word STEADFAST.  What a better way to define being consistent.  Consistency is one that is worth all of your time to perfect.

It means to continue to do something long after the emotion tied to it has left.  It means to continue to do something whether you feel like it or not.

So what are some of the common excuses you will hear or use.

  • I’m too tired I will do it later.
  • It’s too early to go prospecting I will do it later in the day.
  • I did really good today so I deserve a day or two off.
  • A few days off isn’t going to hurt anything.
  • I’m still doing more than most people.
  • You know nothing seems to be happening.

Do any of these sound familiar.  They sure did to me.  If there was an excuse to be had I would find it.

Being consistent is NOT an emotional decision, it is a Conscious Decision that has to be made.   Consistency is an ACTION that is taken on a daily basis regardless of how we feel.

Life will, without a doubt put many obstacles in your life.  Your success is the difference between your consistency and your inconsistency.

Can you think of anything in your life or business that would benefit from you being more consistent?

Here are a few things that I can think of:

  • Consistent Prospecting Daily.
  • Consistent Personal Growth Daily.
  • Consistent Training.
  • Consistent Events.

These are just a few but I would guess if you just became more consistent at these your business would have a major growth spurt and the stability would be amazing.

So here’s my MLM Success Tip for the day … CONSISTENCY!

I am told by the experts that it takes 21 days or more to turn an action from just an action into a habit.  Let’s see over the next 30 days if you can step up your consistency and create some incredible habits in your business.

Well that’s our MLM Success Tip for today.  I hope this has given you some value.  I would love to hear your comments about what derails your efforts to be consistent.

There are a lot of Business Opportunities out there but they all have this one thing in common.  You need to be consistent to be successful.

I will be covering more Networking Marketing Tips as the weeks go on so stay tuned.

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