MLM Tips: What Business Are You Really In?Today I thought I would share one of my MLM Tips that I got from my Mentor and Friend, Ray Higdon.  Most of us really don’t know the business we are in.

Most Network Marketers believe they are in the Health, Travel, Cosmetics, Energy… Business and I will tell you, YOU ARE NOT!

Of all the MLM Tips I can give you this one is right up there at the top.  If you don’t understand the true business you are in you will NEVER make it big in your business.

We are taught so many different things about our business and what it is that it can be very confusing.

Some people will tell you it’s all about the product or it’s about building a big team.

Others might tell you it’s about helping others to succeed and all of these are great and valid but not the primary business that you are in.

MLM Tips: What Business Are You Really In?

The Business that you are really in is MARKETING!

If you don’t understand that you are in the marketing business then your business is just never going to grow.

Without marketing no one is going to see, hear or read about what you have to offer, it’s just that simple.

All of those other reasons are great but you have to get in front of a warm body before any of those even start to matter.


I love the quote below from Ray.  It goes back to the age-old question.  Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution.

Never Bring me a monkey without a banana!  Meaning to never bring me a problem without a solution. Ray Higdon

So now that I’ve identified to you a challenge I need to provide a solution.

I believe that marketing for Network Marketers should be Attraction Marketing.  You should be branding yourself and putting value out to the community on a daily basis.

You want to become a great marketer and create an endless stream of people coming to you want what you have to offer.

Again this is one of the best MLM Tips I can give you.  Unless you want to spend you Network Marketing career pounding the sidewalks always searching for that next victim.

Whether you are using Social Media, Emails or Blogging you need to start marketing to accomplish all of the other things you want to accomplish in your business.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to an incredible system that taught me how to marketing and brand myself.

A system that not only taught me how to marketing but introduced me to a community of industry experts to help me along every step of the way.

Now I build my business from daily leads I get from people who want to work with me, instead of me being the hunter I have become the hunted.

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