MLM Tips - Who On My Team Should I Work WithThis is one of those MLM Tips that gets asked about all the time. Exactly Who on my team should I work with and how do I know the right ones.

If you have a typical MLM Team you have the same challenges that we all do, who do I work with when I only have limited time.

Once you get one more person other than yourself the challenge begins.

You can certainly try and work with everyone and see how that goes, but I can tell you from experience IT WON’T WORK!

MLM Tips: Who Do I Work With?

I love my coach and mentor Ray Higdon trains – “Work with those who are hungry not those who are needy.”

If someone is making excuses remember there are other people with much tougher circumstances that are making it in spite of their challenges.

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If you always remember that it’s the ones that are hungry that will find a way with or without you then you better make sure it’s with you, right!

You will always have those on your team that will want all of your attention and continually produce nothing!

MLM Tips: Have Plenty Of Reusable Resources

If you want to build a great team then you have to have plenty of Reusable Resources for your team.

I love what Ray suggested for those that NEED your attention.

Give them some homework like go prospect 10 people and come back and share with me the results.

What a great idea!  This will sort out the needy from the hungry very fast and allow you to have the time to work with the hungry.

Having plenty of those reusable resources will allow you to help those that are just needy and those that really want help and want to grow.

How much easier to be able to train your team by pointing them to these resources.

MLM Tips: How Do You Know Who’s Hungry?

I have found over the years that those on your team that are hungry will find a way to rise to the top.

You will know those people because of the questions they ask not the help they request.

You will know those hungry people because of the results with or without your help.

Hungry People Will Find A Way!

Always be engaging with your team and be on the lookout for those who start to rise to the top and how they are doing that.

Are they coachable?

Are they Positive?

Are they always working on their personal growth?

Do they want to be a part of the leadership or the followership?

Look for those Eagles on your team that you just can’t seem to contain and want to soar to the top.

Believe me, you will find them because they won’t let you NOT find them!

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