MLM Training How To Invite And Set Up A PresentationMLM Training is something we should all be involved in at every step of our Network Marketing Career.

Learning how to be effective with your inviting is critical to building your business.

I believe this is becoming a lost art because of the internet and social media, not that these are bad things if done correctly.

The principles that I will talk about here will work online and offline. The first thing you need to learn is the fundamentals of inviting. Remember you are Inviting not presenting!

I believe that these two things are at the top of your list of MLM Training skills and should be mastered as quickly as possible.

MLM Training: How To Invite

1.     First Rule is to be yourself

So many people think that once they get into a home business that they have to become this starchy business person that nobody likes.

Remember people ultimately do business with those they Know LIKE and Trust.

The last thing you want to do is make them feel uncomfortable

2.     Second Rule is to be Brief!

MLM TrainingYou want to establish a sense of urgency.  I love what Ray Higdon teaches about using the BIC which is Break In Communication.

 If you start with statements like, “I don’t have time right now to explain things…” or “I’m heading into another meeting right now, but…

Remember you are not telling we are showing.  You should be dropping seeds all along this process so that when you finally make the statement “It sounds like you are ready to get started” the answer has already been set in their minds, YES!

3.     Third Rule –  Make your invitation personal and find a focused time when they can see the full presentation.

Never spam your company link all over Facebook or any other Social Media Platform, it just doesn’t work!

You can’t track that and you will never know who has watched your presentation.

Build a relationship with people you meet and then invite them to see your presentation the right way.

4.     Fourth Rule – Invite With a Purpose!

Be excited and throw your fears aside.  A simple invitation has the power to dramatically enhance their life if they choose to participate, as either a customer, a Rep, or both.

If you are excited about what you have to offer so will they.

MLM Training: The 3 Step Setup Prior to The Presentation

1.     Why

This is where you tell the prospect what your why is.  The key to this is to be as vulnerable as possible.

You need to talk from the heart and be as open as possible.


“Hey, John I love getting together today with you. Hey listen I’ve got something very important to share with you today.

Listen we’ve been friends for a long time and I’m sure from the outside it looks like things are going great.  Friend to friend I’ve got to be real with you right now, I am dying right now.

My family is taking a hit and I just don’t have time or money to do anything.

John, let me tell you we’ve been praying and praying for something and God just drop this deal right in our laps.”

This is one example of a why.  Your why is going to be different, but it needs to be vulnerable.

I’m a person of Faith so I would use that last line.  If you are not or don’t feel comfortable with that then say something like this, “I’ve been searching and searching for something and I just found it.”

2.     Big Deal, All In

This where we are going to tell them that this thing that we have found is a very big deal.


“John, this thing that I have found is a really huge deal, it just amazing.  

I’ve met some of the top people and they are doing some amazing things.  

I’ve done all of the research on this thing, I’ve looked top to bottom and I’m just telling you this is the next big deal, this is a phenomenon and I’m putting my chips all the way in.  

This is my ticket, this is my shot.” 

That is an example of your Big Deal, All In step.  Here are the key phrases.

•   “this thing is a big deal”
•   “I have met some of the top people”
•   “I’ve done all the research”
•   “I’ve decided to put my chips all the way in”

3.     Don’t Care

Here’s where you are going to, politely, tell them that we don’t care what they think.

You are not going to actually say the words “I don’t care.”


“Now, John, I don’t know how this is going to strike you, you may love it, you may not get it right away and you know what it doesn’t matter to me either way, we’re friends and we’re always going to be friends.

All I know is this, I’m going to put this in front of thousands of people and because we are such good friends I wanted to give you the opportunity to be one of the first, is that cool.”

You will always want to end with the phrase “is that cool” because what are they going to say?  Of course, that’s cool.

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