MLSP Is Kicking It Up A Notch!

MLSP kicks it up a notchMLSP is already, in my opinion, the TOP System out there for building your Network Marketing Business bar NONE!

That said how could they possibly make it better?  Well, they have so don’t miss out on this post!

So how have they done it this time well I will tell you.  They have introduced 3 new programs that will be included in the MLSP Membership.

Before I get into what they have added let me tell you a little about what MLSP is.

What Is MLSP?

At its core, My Lead System Pro or MLSP is an internet marketing education platform.
mlsp-traffic-leads-make-moneyFor everyone from network marketers to small business owners, MLSP is a wonderfully built suite of training and tools to help train and develop leaders and help them build their brand to bring in new customers.

Attraction marketing techniques, lead generation funnels, Facebook marketing and other lead generation training – it’s all in My Lead System Pro.

The goal is to generate quality leads for your MLM Business and make money while you are building.

MLSP is much, much more.  Aside from the internet marketing education and tools it provides to help grow your business, it’s also a community that builds leaders.

If you’re looking to become a leader or Guru that people flock to – My Lead System Pro is the one platform I would HIGHLY recommend to everyone.

3 Things MLSP Have introduced that Are Game Changer

1.    CRM

Customer Relationship Manager – Here is the link to what Wikipedia defines CRM as.

How would you like a top-notch CRM system to interact, drip on and just build relationships with?

Well, now you have one and it’s a part of the My Lead System Pro Membership which you can try for 10 days.

I have used other high-end CRM systems in the past like Sales Force and they are expensive and very hard to use.

Not the case with MLSP’s CRM system.  They have incredible training and it’s a system tailored to building your business, not some generic system that you have to custom build to meet your needs.

Remember that everything else that comes with your membership along with the new CRM system, talk about kicking it up a NOTCH.

2.    Funnelizer

If you have ever wondered how some people are creating or have such awesome lead capture pages.

They are using a system like Leadpages.net or ClickFunnels to create them.  There is a monthly fee associated with these systems and they work very well.

The difference is that they are specialized and only do lead page creation.  MLSP’s Funnelizer, on the other hand, is just one part of the membership.

So, along with getting a capture page creator you get all the training and products that your membership gets you.

3.    MLSP Sites

This is the newest addition to the already incredible membership.  The sites are going to be authority sites based on the WordPress platform with a selection of premium themes and a ton of high-end plugins that will take you blogging to new heights.

These new sites are going to be available to all membership levels and should be available in the next few weeks.

Ray and Jess Kentucky DerbyBrian Fanale and his brother Jim have talked the Blogging Master Ray Higdon into doing some awesome training and support for these new sites when they launch.

 Here’s an example of a very simple version of the sites.

Well, I could go on and on about the value of this community and how many top earners they have created over the years.

If you are really thinking about using the internet to build your Network Marketing Business and you just don’t know where to start then you NEED to Take the 10-DAY TRIAL NOW!

What’s the worst that could happen…the best that could happen is that you become a Top Earner In Your Company and generating some income along the way…. JUST SAYING!

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