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How to Generate Quality Leads on a Daily Basis!

MLSP Review What Is It and Why Do I Use It?I want to get some things out of the way right up front. MLSP is NOT an MLM!  What it is is a lead generation and MLM Building System!

I got involved with MLSP a few years back but didn’t really understand the power of what I had in my hands.

So I put it on hold until just a few months ago and now I’m totally sold and having great success using this great system.

Now that I’m using this great system I thought I should give back and share what it is to the community.

This may not be right for you, but you will never know if you don’t at least see what the system is all about.

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What is My Lead System Pro?

At its core, My Lead System Pro or MLSP is an internet marketing education platform.

For everyone from network marketers to small business owners, MLSP is a wonderfully built suite of training and tools to help train and develop leaders and help them build their brand to bring in new customers.

Attraction marketing techniques, lead generation funnels, Facebook marketing and other lead generation training – it’s all in My Lead System Pro.

The goal is to generate quality leads for your MLM Business and make money while you are building.

MLSP is much, much more.  Aside from the internet marketing education and tools it provides to help grow your business, it’s also a community that builds leaders.

If you’re looking to become a leader or Guru that people flock to – My Lead System Pro is the one platform I would HIGHLY recommend to everyone.

The new MLSP contact management app – included with your membership.

The new MLSP CRM System – included with your mastery

MLSP has launched the Beta version the “Funnelizer”.

If you have used LeadPages or Clickfunnels you will understand what “Funnelizer” is … you’ll be impressed that this new tool will also be included with your MLSP membership, along with their new CRM system (shown right).

How Much Does My Lead System Pro Cost?

There are two plans I recommend in MLSP – you can decide which one makes the most sense for you:

The My Lead System Pro University plan includes a majority of all the marketing training, as well as the tools you can use to build pages to capture leads you generate from the training. University costs $50 per month and is great for the person who is primarily looking for the training and/or the tool.

>> Watch the overview of MLSP University

MLSP Mastery is what I use and recommend for the person who is a network marketer looking for not just the training – but the ability to get into profit quicker by having a product and tool to offer the people you talk to who tell you “No” in your MLM business. The person who joins MLSP Mastery is also looking for a support structure around their business – as we have private Facebook groups – as well as weekly training for our MLSP Mastery members only.

>> Watch the overview of My Lead System Pro Mastery

Why MLSP Mastery?

While there are a few different levels to join in MLSP, let my explain why MLSP Mastery is the ONLY way to go.

One of the biggest reasons is the 100% commission products you’ll get access to, so you can resell them and make $200+ on the sales of each item.

You get access to the entire history of MLSP training which was sold separately for $4000!

You also make the highest commissions on other products, and up to $100 per month on every MLSP member you refer.

Not only that, but the greatest benefit is that you get access to our team and our private training that you can’t join unless you’re in my group and in Mastery.

My MLSP Favorites

  • The Community
  • The 100% Commission Products (on the Mastery membership)
  • The customization options on lead capture pages
  • The ability to make money from people who say NO to my primary network marketing company, by referring them to MLSP! This seriously builds you multiple revenue streams almost right away.

I thought I would throw in this little flow diagram to visualize how MLSP works together with your primary Network Marketing Business.

10k a month biz model

I’ll see you on the other side!

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