Introducing MLSP Sites

Wednesday night the owners at MLSP Launched MLSP Sites and I believe this is going to be an industry Game Changer!

So, last night MLSP did there normally Wednesday night webinar with a very special guest and a very special announcement.

The webinar was EPIC and the value that was given out by blogging Expert Ray Higdon was just amazing.

First let me get the website details out of the way.

To see this EPIC Webinar replay go HERE!

To Get This amazing Course of Ray Higdon’s go HERE!

MLSP Sites and Blogging

Scenario 1:  You’re just getting started and want to jump into the blogging world and start getting leads and making money.

Things you have to do.

•    Choose your blogging platform – WordPress highly recommended

•    Set up your blog and pick a good theme that suits what you are going to be blogging about.

•    Get the right plugins to effectively market with

•    Set up all the SEO

•    Start creating content.

Sure looks daunting, especially if you are not a techy.

Scenario 2: You are a seasoned blogger but still struggle with content and setting up your blog just right.

In this case, you may have been blogging for awhile but have just been winging it.

You don’t really understand the in’s and out’s of SEO or how to keep getting relevant content to post.

Why MLSP Sites and Ray Higdon?


The marriage of these two systems is so profound that I can honestly say you are not likely to find this anywhere anyplace for a long time.


  • Sites is a complete blog platform built on WordPress and hosting on top of the line servers ensuring speed and security.
  • Access to some of the TOP Premium Themes available and over 30 top plugins, free and paid.
  • Preloaded top SEO settings from top SEO Mad Man Rob Fore.
  • Complete Training from the absolute beginner to the seasoned blogger.
  • Top Industry Support from the MLSP support staff.
  • And So Much More….

Ray’s Course

  • Training from a Multi-Millionaire Blogger
  • 20 Modules Pack with information from “Why you should blog” to “How to setup your blog”
  • Modules on content, blog design suggestions, how to communicate and much more.
  • Bonuses…wow..20 MORE Modules as bonuses.
  • This course designed for Attraction Marketers is so good that I bought this version even though I had Ray’s original version – 3-Minute Expert

You can visit my Sites Blog here.  It took me approximately 30 minutes to set this up with all the bells and whistles.

VIDEO: MLSP Sites Has launched and They Are Giving Away the Farm


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