The Money is in the Follow Up

The Money is in the Follow Up

The Money is in the Follow Up

After racking my brain on a topic for this morning I just watched my daily dose of Ray Higdon and decided to do a quick short blurb on The Money is in the Follow UP.

I know we here “The Money is in the…” all the time.  The experts are always tell us that the Money is in our list, the Money is in the system, the Money is in the Follow up.  Well I believe all of these are somewhat true and connected.

So here’s my take on the “The Money is in … .”  Without a List you have NO leads, without Leads there is nothing to Follow up with and without a good system you will never build a large duplicatable organization.  So there you have it.

So, why is Follow Up so very important?  First off so very few are good at it or even do it.  You would be amazed at the times I’ve someone say to me, wow you actually called me back and followed up.  I have to wonder what everyone else is doing.

Secondly the percentage of prospects that just close themselves is very very small.  They always seem to have more questions, or objections and need that follow up call to finalize things one way or another.

The question I hear the most is how many times do I follow up and what do I say to them.  I don’t know if there is a best answer for how many times.  I usually give them three tries and then I put them on the back burner and follow up with them at a later date.

The Money is in the Follow UP

The Money is in the Follow UP

My last message to them if I have been leaving message is one of “take away” and posture.  I will let them know that I understand that this is probably not a fit for them and that we can still be friends but I will be crossing them off my list and won’t call them again concerning this.

I have learned over the years and from my mentors that begging and pleading NEVER works.  Even if you finally get them in your business you will find that they are more of a problem and take more energy than everyone else.  Just DON’T DO IT!

The first message I assume that something happened and they really meant to get together and I let them know I will be calling back.  On the second call, again I let them know that I will call them back again, but this time I add a phrase like, “If this isn’t for you that’s perfectly okay, just let me know so we both aren’t wasting our time.”

After that they get the third call which typically get’s them to call back because no one wants to be taken off a list.

Understand the importance of the Follow Up.  Without the follow up your business will not grow, there will be no need for a good system and you will get frustrated and probably quit!

I hope this has helped you and given you some value.  Please comment below and share with your team.

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