How Do You Motivate Your Team?

I’ve tried many ways to motivate my team. But it's not up to you. Start with appreciating your team members for what they give and don't expect more. http://LynnHuber.com

If “how do you motivate your team” isn’t the top question of leaders in Network marketing then it’s close.  I know you have probably thought about this more times than not.

So here’s the answer you have all been looking for.  What you need to do is to buy everyone on your team a luxury trip just for being a part of your great team whether they are doing anything at all.

Sound good, NOT!

I can tell you from a lot of experience that giving your team rewards for nothing does not motivate them to start doing something they weren’t doing in the first place.

I know you were cringing when you read that anyways, but you would be surprised how many leaders will try to breathe life into dead team members by giving more and more, it just doesn’t work!

So how do you motivate your team.  I believe there are a couple of ways.

  1. lead by example – This is the best and most successful way to motivate your team.  Lead by example.  Get out there in the field and start prospecting, building, and RANK ADVANCING a new team and the old team will want to be a part of that.Those that don’t respond and don’t step up are probably too dead to resurrect at this point so don’t worry about them.  Love on them and help them where you can but DON’T let them drag you or the team down.
  2. Team Contests – These are also great motivators.  Some people will crawl through cut glass to win a contest.  Make your contest attainable, but some work needed.If you create a contest that no one can win, no one will try.  If you create a contest that’s too easy then to many will win and you won’t see the growth and real motivation that you are looking for.Team contests have been used for many years to motivate team organizations, so why to reinvent the wheel, put together a great contest and see who steps up to the plate.
  3. Acknowledge and Reward Good Behavior – Always remember to acknowledge and reward those who are working and doing what it takes to make things happen.Don’t just acknowledge the results, but remember to acknowledge those who are putting out the effort.  People love recognition and acknowledgment for whatever they are doing.  Maybe they talked to 5 new prospects this week, acknowledge them.My current team “Team Start Living” in the company that I’m with does recognition every month on facebook for a number of different categories.  Things from how many have you talked to up to how many of our product and recruits have you got.The motivation is great not only for the current leaders but for those who want to be recognized and step up to the plate.

Those are my 3 ways to motivate your team.  I’m sure there are many more out there from other great leaders.  I read this great article in Forbes today that has some great points on how to verbally recognize someone, worth the read.

My Mentor and upline Ray Higdon wrote a great article on Managing and Motivating Your Team that hits a couple other points.

I hope this has helped you and please share and comment below if you got some value from this.

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