MLM Training: Moving Past Failure

MLM Training: Moving Past Failure

Have you ever wondered why some people have no problem moving past failure in their lives.  For today’s MLM Training, I want to talk a little bit about the differences in how people handle failure.

We all know that failure is something we all go through.  We also know that bad things happen to everyone.  The key, as we all have heard is how we handle what happens to us bad or good.

Our mindset and attitude are something that we do have control over when we don’t have control over so many other things in our lives.

When things go wrong in our life we can either focus on the loss or focus on the lesson.

Here’s what people who focus on the loss do:

  • Think about what they did wrong.
  • Re-live the Pain over and over.
  • Increase Self-Pity in their lives.
  • Get Emotionally down and sometimes even stopped in their tracks.
  • Feel hopeless about their life.
  • Get stuck in the Past and start making decisions based on that.

Here’s what people who focus on the lesson do:

  • Think about what they can do right the next time.
  • Put energy into their healing and moving forward.
  • Increase their Self-Reliance.
  • Get Excited again about life and what’s ahead.
  • Gain hope knowing that every loss or failure has a lesson.
  • Move forward toward their future and changing their lives.

Teach people the twenty-four-hour rule:

One of the healthiest ways to treat loss is the same way we should treat victory: observe the 24-hour rule.when you fail and never learn your lesson

When we experience victory, we should celebrate for no longer than 24 hours.  When we experience defeat, we should let it get us down for no longer than 24 hours.

Once you’ve processed the emotions, it’s time to learn from the experience and move on.

The quicker you turn your focus from the loss to the lesson, the sooner you will heal.  If you remain focused on the loss, it keeps getting worse.

John Maxwell wrote an entire book on failing called Failing Forward that talks all about failing and how to handle that failure.

Once we learn that having disappointments, loss, and setbacks is all a part of life and the learning process we will move forward on a path of happiness and success.

You might find my post on the Fear of Failure useful for helping you move forward.

Join the Conversation:

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on moving past our failures.  Please comment below and share with your teammates and help them in Overcoming Failure.

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