What Do Pilot Navigation and Your MLM Business Have In Common?

What Do Navigation and Your MLM BusinessWhat do your MLM Business and Pilot Navigation have in common?  Good question, right!

Well, being a Pilot I’m going to give you some great correlations between the two.

I got my Pilot’s license back in 1975 when I was in the Navy stationed in Key West Florida.

Before I stepped into a plane I had to go through ground school and learn all about things like Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Air Traffic Control and Navigation.

I had been studying on my own for many years because of my passion for flying so I knew most of what I had to learn.

Back then we didn’t have GPS or iPads or all the sophisticated electronic navigation that we have now.

You had to learn how to navigate the old school using old school navigation gauges, maps and seat of the pants.

[Video] Pilot Navigation and Your MLM Business

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What I learned from Flying

  • Trust your instrumentsplane instruments
  • Check your instruments consistently
  • Check your instruments often
  • Check your map often
  • Look outside to verify.

One of the things I learned early on is how important your instruments really are.

The other thing is that you have to take your head out of the instruments now and then and look around, you don’t want to be over water when you are supposed to be over the mountains.

You need to be tracking all the time and adjusting your track often.  You always make small changes because of the wind to make sure you stay on track.

Tracking is critical to not getting lost!

How Do All Of These Things Relate To My MLM Business?

If you think about it if we are not tracking our business on a daily basis how can we expect anything to grow and go as we planned.

When I first got into the MLM Business many years ago I thought you just show the product and the opportunity, people bought and joined and that was it.

I never thought I would have to start seeing what worked and what didn’t.  I never thought about personal growth I was very successful in my JOB life already.

Like the gauges on our plane, we need to trust our Leaders and Our Company.

We need to constantly be working on personal growth and learning better ways to do the basics.

We need to be looking at our team and make sure that we aren’t so focused on ourselves that we don’t see what’s going on with the team and their needs.

The bottom line is that just like flying we need to constantly be checking and re-checking, keeping an on eye on our gauges and continue to grow in our personal life and our MLM Business.

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