Have you ever heard the old Network Marketing saying “Slow and Steady” will get you there eventually so don’t quit whatever you do?

Well, I’m here to tell you that this old saying just isn’t true AT ALL!

Today I want to share with you some age-old myths about Network Marketing and the TRUTH about building your Business.

What Network Marketing and Flying Have In Common – The Myths

I want to share with you two major myths when it comes to building your business.

First Myth of Slow And Steady Wins The Race.

When someone tells you that you can build your business slow and steady they are just wrong.

If we compare this statement with Flying can you imagine a plane trying to take off at 40% power?

It’s not going to happen!

In fact, as a pilot, I can tell you unless you get to full power the likelihood if you leaving the ground are slim.

You need to punch it to full power until you get to lift off speed and then once in the air and at your desired altitude you can start backing off the throttle.

Second Myth is the one of Recruit one a month and then teach this to others.

In all my years of being apart of the Network Marketing profession, I have never seen anyone do this.

The concept is certainly correct.

If you recruit one and then they recruit one and so on …

But, it just never ever happens that way.

Now, on the other hand, if you do a huge blitz and recruit 20 your first-month things change!

What Network Marketing and Flying Have In Common – The Truth

The truth is that building your business is a lot like flying.

You need that burst of power, in the beginning, to get off the ground and then you can throttle back and work on consistent growing and nurturing your team.

But, to think you can get your business off the ground by just taking your time and recruiting one person a month is ridiculous and will never work.

Like I said before I have never heard of anyone doing that in 40 years of being involved in MLM.

It just doesn’t happen!

Have you ever wondered why all the top earners do 90-day blitz’s in their business?

They are taking off and breaking the barrier of gravity and transitioning from the ground to the air.

Or in our language making that transition from not having a business to have a business to build and grow.

What Network Marketing and Flying Have In Common – Summary

The bottom line, if this is your hobby then working it slow and steady can be fun.

But, if you are wanting to change your life and make this a rewarding career then you have to take off and launch your business.

There’s just no getting around it, period.

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