How To Choose The Right Network Marketing BusinessChoosing the right Network Marketing Business can be as simple as the 4 points below or as difficult as you want to make it.

On a periscope, the other day with my mentor and friend Ray Higdon he shared these four points that I want to share with you today

First I would like to say I hope those of you who are already in Network Marketing have found your perfect business and community.

For those of you who are looking or may know someone who is looking this post is for you.

Understand whatever MLM Business you decide to attach your wagon to your success or failure is mainly dependent on what YOU do.

Just remember that whatever criteria you use to choose your Network Marketing Company YOU are the one that is key.

Jelena Ostrovska reminded me of this quote today and it really fits.

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Understanding how to properly build and duplicate your business is just as important as the business you choose.

If you really want to understand how the big dogs market, build, train and create a community then I would recommend that you check out the system below.

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How To Choose The Right Network Marketing Business

I believe there are four main areas that everyone should look at when choosing a great MLM Business.

Most people will tell you if you ask them that product and compensation plan are the most important and I disagree.

If you didn’t make it at your last company and others were then the product and compensation plan must have worked just fine.

I believe it’s these four things that are really key and totally agree with what Ray taught last Friday!

4 Things To Look For In A Network Marketing Business

1.    Community

Community for me is probably the most important.  A company that doesn’t have a vital, growing, supportive, positive community will die on the vine.

People thrive to be a part of a community and not just any community one that they can feel a part of and be a part of.

You need to see that they have a community that supports the new team member through the seasoned team member.

So there first thing that I always look for does the company/team have a Community that I can thrive and grow in.

2.     Support

Having a great support system is key.  Again, I don’t care how great the compensation plan is or how phenomenal the product is if the company doesn’t have a great support system you will suffer.

It’s not only the company that needs to have a great support system, it’s the team as well.

Knowing that whatever happens, you will have someone to turn to for support is critical.

How many times have you purchased something and had a challenge with the product and tried to get ahold of support and it was just a miserable experience.

Most people will make the decision to not use or purchase again.  SUPPORT is crucial!

3.     Training

Without great training, your team will either wither up and die or you will end up spending all of your time training.

When we understand how important duplication is for our team to grow and for everyone to have success then the training system and resources become critical.

Having great reusable resources that you can point people to makes you time management better and your duplication much easier.

Without good training, you and your team will end up floundering around trying to reinvent the wheel.  Very important point good training.

4.     Leadership

I love this quote from John Maxwell concerning Leadership:

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Without great leadership the chances of the company standing the test of time is small.

This is one thing you need to be sure you have researched.

Company, Community and Team Leadership

Great leadership understands to have a great company you need to create an environment to breed LEADERS!

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