Network Marketing Events: 3 Reasons Why You Should GoNetwork Marketing Events are the catalyst in your business that keeps it going and keeps it growing.  If you are unsure if you should go to your events stay tuned.

Have you ever asked yourself if you should go to your company’s events when you don’t even have a team?

The absolute answer to that is YES!

This is when most people choose not to go and is exactly when they should go.

If you are one of those people and are in that situation right now you definitely need to read this post and watch the video.

Network Marketing Events: 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend

Once you understand the power behind attending MLM Events you will wonder why you have been missing them and how ridiculous all our excuses really are.

I recently retired from being the software engineer at a Franchise Corporate Headquarters here in North Idaho.

I was amazed when I started there 6 years previous that every 3 years the corporate office held a major corporate event.

Amazingly after every event their sales and franchise profits increase significantly, who would have thought!

Do you think this was a clue for me, ABSOLUTELY!

Network Marketing Events: Reason #1

Increases Your Belief

Network Marketing Events - Belief This is what most of us struggled with in the beginning stages of our MLM Careers.

Having a belief level that fueled our Visions!

Just recently my company had their first of 4 Network Marketing Events they have every year.  This is typically the biggest of the year and it was held in Orlando.

Understand I went there totally sold on my company, what it stands for, the leadership, the community and the incredible training.

In spite of all that seeing that stadium filled to standing room only and hanging out with all the leaders just caused my belief level to skyrocket.

When I saw again their Vision and Care for our community it was simply amazing.

This is something you just don’t get watching the replays or hearing about it from others.

You have to be there to experience the Event and Raise Your Belief Levels

Network Marketing Events: Reason #2

You Become The Example For Those On Your Team

Network Marketing Events - LeadershipAs the leader of your team, no matter how small or large, you need to set the example.

I can tell you once you realize the benefits of going to MLM Events you will become the biggest promoter for your team.

Once you go and experience it can you imagine if you had a team of 5, 10,100 or 1,000 teammates with all raising their belief levels and skyrocketing their businesses.

Remember your team is going to move at the speed of its leader, YOU! 

So, the next time you are sitting back trying to come up with some excuse why you shouldn’t go to the next event your team is probably following your lead and doing the same thing.

Network Marketing Events: Reason #3

Unparalleled Training

Network Marketing Events - TrainingThe last thing that was just amazing was the training that was there.

Not only were there top leaders sharing some real world practical training we got to here from the top corporate leaders on what was coming in the future.

Things were shared there that you just don’t get anywhere else and in any other environment.

Being at an event and getting trained by the best of the best you just can’t get anywhere else.

Local training and events are great and need to be a part of your business, but nothing with do what the National Events can do.

VIDEO:  Network Marketing Events: 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend


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