6 Typical Network Marketing Mindset Excuses

Network Marketing Mindset No Excuses

Having a Mindset of No Excuses is essential to being successful in your Network Marketing Business.  We all want to build a big team and be successful, but we tend to let every little excuse stop us in our steps.

Having the right attitude is key and one aspect of that is an attitude of No Allowed EXCUSES!

So how do we combat the EXCUSES syndrome?  Well first let’s look at some of the excuses we tend to use as valid excuses.

So Here’s Our Excuses List

  1. I need time with my family.
  2. I just don’t have enough time to do anything else.
  3. I don’t have enough money to invest in my education.
  4. I really don’t have any warm market.
  5. I have to do my hair…. okay maybe not this one….
  6. What will my friends and family think.

I’m sure we all could write a Excuses Book if we wanted to.  If we want to have a Leadership Mindset then the first thing we need to do is get rid of all the excuses.

Here’s a man who is the epitome of No Excuses.  Watch This:

Kinda makes all of your excuses melt away doesn’t it.  Our Network Marketing Mindset is so very important in our everyday life and how we build our business.

So How Do We Combat all of Our Excuses

I can give you the magic bullet in one word ACTION!  Action will cure all of your excuses and all of your fears, which really is the driving force behind your excuses.

Get Rid of Your ExcusesIf we sit down and really analyze our excuses we realize that they are just there to backup our fears.

It’s amazing if we just throw the excuses out the window and add ACTION what happens to our productivity, mindset, and our business.

One of my favorite Mindset Quotes is “You Can Make Excuses or You Can Make Money, but You Can Not Make Both!”

We spend so much of our day making excuses why we can do something instead of Just Doing IT.

Here’s an assignment for you this week.  Sit down and list all of your excuses in order of importance.  Once you have done that go through each of them and ask yourself what if I didn’t get this done and replaced it with something that would build my business.

It might mean you have to rearrange your priorities temporarily to have those priorities on top later and longer.

If we can’t do what others won’t today then we will never have what others do tomorrow, remember that!!!

You will never talk to a top earner in your company who didn’t pass over the excuses in his or her life and move to action to change their future forever.

I encourage you to change your life in every aspect by getting rid of your excuses and fears and turning your life into action and success.

Join Our Discussion

I would love to hear your thought on excuses and how you have overcome them.  Maybe even share some of the excuses you had that caused you to stop building.

Please share this with your team and let me know how this has helped you and your team.

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