Becoming A Network Marketing Professional - IntroductionOver the next eight posts, I’m going to be sharing with you a series I call Becoming A Network Marketing Professional.  If you are thinking about MLM this is a must.

One of the things I will tell is that Network Marketing isn’t perfect, It’s just a Better Way!

First I want to give a HUGE Shout out to Eric Worre from Network Marketing Pro and thank him for all he and his wife do for this profession.

If you haven’t read his book Go Pro and then re-read it you are way behind.

If you are sitting there wondering if Network Marketing is for you and what some of the benefits are below is a short list.

Becoming A Network Marketing Professional – Benefits

  •   Not having a  boss
  •   No Commute
  •   Not having to use an Alarm clock
  •   No Employees
  •   Not having to deal with Politics
  •   No Compromises
  •   Not dealing with Discrimination
  •   No Educational Requirement
  •   Something Positive
  •   Great Product or Service
  •   Unlimited Income
  •   Residual Income
  •   Enjoy the People You Work With
  •  Time Freedom
  •  Something Meaningful
  •  Personal Growth
  •  Lots of Perks
  •  International
  •  Contribution to a Worthy Cause
  •  Low Risk
  •  Low Start-up Costs
  •  Economy-Proof
  •  Tax Benefits
  •  FUN!

These are just some of the benefits of having a Network Marketing Business and working from home.

So, if you are truly thinking of starting a home business Network Marketing is a great choice.

Apparently, the some of the financial masterminds think so also.

People like Tony Robbins, Harv Ekker, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

So, let’s get into these steps and skills for becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

Becoming A Network Marketing Professional – 3 Categories

1.   Posers

Posers treat this profession as a lottery ticket.

They’re hoping to hit it big with as little effort as possible. When I first started out, I was a Poser, hoping to ride off my dad and his partner’s coattails.

Luckily for me, I got some results and that kept me going, at least in the short-term.

But I think you can agree with me that remaining in the Poser category is a bad idea.

2.   Amateurs

Amateurs focus on different things like getting lucky with a monster distributor on their team.

The second thing Amateurs focus on is timing.

Worrying if they got in early enough and is the timing right on the product or service.

Thirdly, was their positioning.

Are you in the right organization with the right leadership or not.

Fourthly, Amateurs are always looking for a shortcut.

Always looking for an angle or gimmick to get things done.

3.  Professional

I love Eric’s definition of the Network Marketing Professional.

“A person who is an expert in the skills required to build a large and successful Network Marketing Organization.”

There is a phrase in our profession that does more harm than good.

It says, “Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.”

The point of this phrase is that it’s better to be excited and ignorant than it is to be apathetic and smart.

That may be true, but why do we have to choose one or the other?

Again, I want to stress you NEED to get Eric Worre’s Go Pro and get all of the amazing training he has in there.

Becoming A Network Marketing Professional – Introduction Video

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Becoming A Network Marketing Professional – Introduction Summary

So, the moral of the story is Network Marketing may not be perfect, but it is certainly a better way.

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