Becoming A Network Marketing Professional - Skill Set #3 PresentingWe’ve talked about the first two skills of Becoming a Network Marketing Professional which were Prospecting and Inviting your prospects to a presentation.

If you have sent them a link to a tool that they are watching on their own you have very little to do.

Your primary task in the above case is Follow up.

If on the other hand, you are physically with them, you may have some challenges to overcome.

Network Marketing Professional – Skill #3 Presenting

So, what are some of the challenges when giving a presentation?

The first one and probably the hardest to correct is YOU!

You need to take YOU out of the picture and not make you the issue.

So many newbies will sit down to do a presentation and start with “Let ME tell you…”

The second challenge is your prospects may know that you are not the expert so don’t present yourself as one.

The third challenge is if you are successful in becoming the experts you will find that not many of your team are willing to do the same thing.

This will make what you are doing unduplicatable!

“In Network Marketing it doesn’t matter what works.  It only matters what duplicates.”

Network Marketing Profession – Presenting Tips

The pros bring passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and belief.

If you ever watch a pro at work, you’ll see a fire in them that is contagious.

Make passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and belief your priority, then invite professionally and let the third-party resource do the rest.

You need to start with learning how to give a short and effective testimonial.

People are really interested in how much you know, but they are interested in your story.

A great theme for your story would be, If I can do it, anyone could do it.

Network Marketing Profession – Four Elements of a Good Story

  1.   Your Background
  2.   The things you didn’t like about your background
  3.   How Network Marketing or your company came to the rescue
  4.   Your results, or how you feel about your future

The evolution of becoming a great presenter:

  1.   Crafting Your Story
  2.   Learning the Standard Opportunity Presentation
  3.   Learning different training presentations.

Network Marketing Profession – Summary

  1.   When you are prospecting, you are the messenger—not the message. Get yourself out of the way and use a third-party tool.
  2.   Learn to tell your story in a way that will make your prospects curious to hear more.
  3.   When it comes to presenting in front of a group of people, preparation is key. When you’re prepared, it’s fun.

This skill set is one, like the others that have to be practiced and practiced.

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