So, we have hit on six of the seven Network Marketing Professional skills and today we will be talking about number seven – Promoting Events.

In Network Marketing, meetings make money.

It’s just that simple.

The people that get the most people to the meetings will and are making the most money.

Network Marketing Professional – Skill Set 7 Promoting Events

There are many types of events that you can have.

You could be doing local events on a monthly basis.

Your upline could be sponsoring a major event.

But, there is one type of event that is the most powerful and that is the destination event.

Some try to argue that the destination event is dead in the new technology world and people won’t travel for these things anymore.

All I can tell you is those people aren’t top earners in our profession.

If you study what the successful people do to build their Network Marketing organizations, you will find that virtually every one of them uses destination events as a cornerstone for building their business.

There’s something magical about getting away from your day-to-day grind and focusing completely on your dreams.

Total immersion, even if it’s only for a weekend, is GOOD.

You can use it to refocus and recommit to your future and gather the strength necessary to go back home and do what’s necessary to move your business forward.

You gain strength from the presentations you hear during the event. Sometimes a person says something at just the right time in your life, and it changes you forever.

Network Marketing Professional – Skill Set 7 Promoting Events

With destination events usually comes recognition programs which are great for competition and peer pressure.

So, when it comes to putting together your next event keep in mind the power of destination events.

There’s something about getting away to some tropical resort that just makes everything okay!

The sense of community and comradery is incredible at these events.

It’s a time of renewal and re-commitment to your business.

Network Marketing Professional – Your Commitment 

The very first step in developing a culture that promotes attendance at destination events is for you to be more committed than anyone else.

So, the next time an event is announced be the first one in your group to get your ticket, period

If you take the time to ask some of the top earners what the secret to having a huge team is they will all tell the same thing.

The one that has the most people at the major events is the WINNER!

Network Marketing Professional – Video

Network Marketing Professional – Summary

So, in conclusion, if you are wanting to build a dynasty Getting the most people at events is the way to do that.

The one with the most people at the events will have the largest community and typically the most success.

So, the moral of the story is don’t miss an event and get as many of your team to the events.

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