If you want to build a huge team and become a Network Marketing Professional the next skill set you have to learn is How To Start Your Reps out Right!

Every person getting started with their new business needs a good mentor.

I was very lucky to get Ray Higdon and Eric Worre as my mentors.

Lisa Grossmann shared the other day here team training philosophy.

“I Will Help You Build YOUR Business.”

Network Marketing Professional Skill – Starting Them Right

“If you succeed in this business, it’s going to be you who creates that success, not me. And, if you fail in this business, it’s going to be you who creates that failure, not me. You are going to be the difference between success or failure. I’m here to guide you every step of the way, but I can’t do it for you. I’m here to work with you, but not for you.”

The importance of making sure your new prospect has reasonable expectations.

Identifying the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to Network Marketing is your job.

Your job is to encourage train and set them on the right path.

Network Marketing Professional – Starting Them Right 

1.   Make Sure Your New Prospect Has The Right Products

Every company has some sort of product/monthly commitment.

It’s imperative that you set them up properly and explain to them the importance of being a product of the product.

What they do there team will do!

2.   Make Sure They Have All The Tools They Need

Introduce them to all of the tools they need to build their business like a professional.

Having the right tools and training to use them is critical.

This will teach them how to be duplicatable in their business.

3.   Make Sure They Get Connected To The Team Groups

Teach you, teammate, how to get connected to all of the Social Media groups that are available.

Getting connected with like-minded people is crucial.

So, if you have any groups make sure they get added as soon as possible.

Having this support mechanism is key.

4.    Make Sure The Understand The Basics Of The Comp Plan

Unfortunately, most people have NO understanding of their comp plan.

Then there are those analytical people that have to know every detail.

So, you need to have a basic understanding but not necessarily all of the details.

I give them the basics to get to the building block of the comp plan.

In our company, it’s Team Developer.

5.  Make Sure They Know The Fundamentals of Inviting

So, if we step back to one of the first skill sets we see Inviting.

Inviting is one of the first things the new person needs to get good at.

If you can’t invite someone to see your presentation you will never have success.

So, I can’t stress enough the importance of teaching them to invite properly

Network Marketing Professional Skill Set #6 – The Game Plan

So, here’s the most important step in getting your new partner started right.

Create a game plan for them.

Teach them how to get their first customer.

Show them how to get their first promotion in the comp plan.

So, Let them know how simple it is to have success, but that it does take dedication and work.

Get them in profit in the first week!

Lay it out clearly and simply!

Network Marketing Professional Skill Set #6 – Starting Them Right VIDEO

Network Marketing Professional Skill Set #6 – Starting Them Right Summary

In conclusion, getting your new rep started right will make all the difference in your organization.

So, The easier it is the more duplicatable it will be.

So, you need to be great at this skill set and be able to teach it.

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The Resources I Use To Build My Business

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