3 Easy Steps To Defining Your Network Marketing VisionOnce you understand how critical developing your Network Marketing Vision is you won’t put it off anymore. Your vision will become your driving force.

I found out recently that my “Why” is not really the most important driving force.

Defining Your Network Marketing Vision

I love the quote from Michael Beckwith – “Let your Pain Push You until Your Vision Pulls You.”

If you follow the top leaders in Network Marketing you will see one common thread.

They Share The Vision with As Many People As They CAN!

One thing I know is that you can’t share the vision if you don’t know what yours is!

Make sense!

So, defining your vision and embedding that deep inside of you is critical.

The Difference Between Your Why and Your Network Marketing Vision

Your “why” is typically external to you.

For example, You want to retire from your job, You Want a new home, etc.

Your Vision, on the other hand, is who you want to become.

How do you want others to see you?

How will others react to you and your vision?

Your “Why” is something that comes to past and then what.

“Vision” is a lifelong journey that keeps you growing and striving to be better!

Your Network Marketing Vision should express these three things only:

1.   What Is It?

You need to define exactly what your Vision is so that it’s CRYSTAL CLEAR to you and Others!

If you don’t have a clear definition of your vision you can’t share it, it’s that simple.

2.   Where Is It Going?

Make it clear where your vision is taking on your journey.

I believe this is where the pulling comes from when you know exactly where your vision it taking you.

3.   How Can Others Benefit From It?

This is what will build a big organization for you.

Making sure others know exactly how YOUR Vision will benefit them on your journey.

Remember people want to know what’s in it for them so your vision has to be compelling and pulling!

Defining Your Network Marketing Vision – Video

Defining Your Network Marketing Vision – Summary

In conclusion, “Without A Vision The People Perish.” – Prov 29:18

This is so very true.  You need your Vision to change your life and build your business, Period!

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