New Year 2015 – What are you going to do with it!


Here we are at the start of the New Year and everyone making new resolutions and deciding what they are going to change and rearrange to make their lives better.  I’m going to tell you a very sad story in hopes of it spurring you on to make this year one of change.

Not the change we are used to thinking.  Not the change that says how can I GET MORE this year, but a different change that will change not only you but everyone that you come in contact with.

So here’s the story.

On Tuesday, Dec 30, 2014, a young mother with her 2-year-old son and 3 nieces decided to go to the local Walmart and have a fun day of shopping with the gift cards they had received for Christmas.  Her and her husband were visiting from out of town, but had grown up in the area so knew it well and had many friends.  Was a very educated young women of 29 and graduated as valedictorian from High School and had a Chemical Engineer degree.  Her family was an avid gun enthusiast and had taken all the courses, spent many hours becoming proficient with their weapons so they were very safe around guns.  She had a concealed weapons permit and carried a small caliber weapon with, safely, most everywhere and today was no exception.

What happened on a tragic day was heart wrenching and something no one ever expected.  While shopping in the electronics department her two-year-old reached into her purse, unzipped the new pouch where the weapon was, pulled it out and shot his mother.  She died instantly and in that instant everything in that family’s world changed forever.”

So why do I tell you this tragic story to start your year off, it’s because of this.  We never know how much time we have or what fluke accident is going to take our life or the life of someone that we love and care for.

We’ve been programmed each year at this time to start with the New Year’s resolutions, things like;

  • Lose Weight
  • Make More Money
  • Buy a new house
  • Exercise more
  • and on and on and on….

I’m writing this to encourage you, this year, to make resolutions about others.  Yes, I said others!  I would contend that even if you starting doing this somewhat unwillingly that you would change yourself and find you would start getting those things that you want in life.

You might even find that what you really want in life has changed.  You may find that helping others brings you more joy and peace in your life than you imagined.

Let’s make 2015 a year of giving, caring, and sharing with others.  If you do this I promise you will have the most prosperous year of your life.  God designed us to love Him and love others.  Life is so short What are YOU Going to Do With 2015!

I would ask that there not be any comments on gun control or anything like that.  This story was a tragedy that needs our prayers and hope for this poor family.  It could have just as easily been a tragic car accident.

I love how one of my mentors and friend, Ray Higdon, coaches and lives his life.  Ray Higdon and his lovely wife Jessica Higdon are always giving to the profession that we work in and that’s the way it should be.  They give and give with no expectation of return but are Blessed with abundance as a result.

Don’t make you giving this year with the expectation of something, JUST GIVE WITH YOUR HEART and see what happens to those that receive.

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