Notes From Tony Robbins at Network Marketing Pro

Notes From Tony Robbins at Network Marketing ProEach year Eric Worre hosts his Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event that is just epic.  This year was no different and Saturday night the speaker was the phenomenal Tony Robbins.

To say that this 3 hours with Tony Robbins was great would not give it justice.  It was life changing, so I wanted to share just some of my takeaways from the time.

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Notes From Tony Robbins at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2015

He added an 8th step to Eric’s 7 steps of Network Marketing.

Mastery of your own Mental Emotional State

Complexity is the enemy of Execution and without execution NOTHING happens.

The Power of Problems – Norman Vincent Peale

80% psychology and 20% mechanics

It requires ENERGY

He talked so much about GIVING and GIVING.

Life is not happening to you it’s happening for you.

Let go of Scarcity.

Give when you have nothing to give and you’ll get rid of SCARCITY.

Neverending hunger will change you and the world.

What’s the difference between those people who live their dreams and those that don’t?  HUNGER!

Patterns are what make the difference.

Resources are not the problem for failure, it’s the lack of resourcefulness!

The ultimate resource is Human Emotion!  Emotions either destroy or create.

The Best Emotions come from High Energy

Energy doesn’t come from:

  • food
  • sleep
  • age

Energy is psychology it’s a HABIT!

To Influence another person, we need to know what already Influences them.

2 things that influence everyone.

  1. Your emotional state
  2. Your Blueprint – your beliefs, values and rules for life.

The State you are in communicates more than the words!

Emotion is created by MOTION

The more you use the Gifts God Gave YOU The better it is!

Stress for the achievers is FEAR

Change Your Expectations for Appreciation!

VIDEO: Note From Tony Robbins at the Network Marketing Pro Event

Understand this is only a very very small amount of what Tony Robbins shared in the 3 1/2 hour session.  It was life changing.

If this post, Notes From Tony Robbins at Network Marketing Pro, then please share with everyone and comment with what your thoughts and EMOTIONS are!

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