The Secret To Your Online Business FoundationIf you are looking for the Secret Formula to your Online Business Foundation then this is the post for you, so don’t go anywhere!

If you have tried to build online and are struggling it’s because you don’t have a system.

One of the things I discovered very early in my online marketing journey was the need for a good system.

The Secret Formula To Your Online Business Foundation

The bottom line of Internet Marketing is all about Attraction Marketing and Building Relationships

The basis of Attraction Marketing and you business foundation is the Formula and Strategies below:

1.   Vision and Personal Development Strategy

A gentleman by the name of Michael Beckwith has a quote about a vision that goes like this.

“Pain Pushes You Until Your VISION Pulls YOU!”

For many years I kept hearing about having a WHY that makes you cry.

I can tell you that’s great, but it’s your Vision that will keep you going through the ups and downs of your business

Intertwined with your Vision is your Personal Development.

To reach your Vision in Life you need to be consistently growing!

Vision and Personal Development are critical when it comes to building your business online or offline.

2.   Personal Branding and Target Market Strategy

Here’s another area that I just didn’t understand in the beginning.

I thought like most people you should be promoting your business, product, and company.

Boy, was I wrong!

I don’t know about you but companies come and go but the one thing that’s always there is YOU!

Once I found the right System everything changed!

I started branding ME and helping my Target Market.

I didn’t take long before people were hunting me down to get more training and help with their pain points.

The next step for them was to ask me what my primary Network Marketing business was and could they be a part of our team.

Start Branding You and Developing a Strategy to help you Target Market consistently with commitment.

You might choose Blogging, Videos, Social Media, or a combination of these for your Marketing Strategy.

The key is to choose one and get started, for me it was Blogging initially.

Choose one and become great at it, then you can start adding other strategies.

3.   Monetization Strategy

The sole purpose of your marketing is to get Leads and then Monetize those leads, Make Money!

Unless you are just marketing for fun and not trying to build your business monetization is critical for your business foundation.

I use Lead Magnets to exchange value for visitor information.

Another great way to capture leads and monetize are Webinars.

The key is to get them on your list by providing value and solutions to their pain points.

Once on your list, they will become open to purchasing and joining your team

That’s called monetization!

4.   Content Creation and Content Marketing Strategy

So, your next question should be how do I add value to my target market?

The answer is with consistent Valuable Content Creation!

As you are going through your Personal Development you are going to learn things that you can pass on to your market.

My strategy has been Ray Higdon’s ILT method.

Invest, Learn, Teach.

For me, this changed everything as far as content creation.

Consistency is the most important part of your content creation and your business foundation.

Your strategy is pretty simple, create valuable content to your target market consistently.

5.   Follow Up and Engagement Strategy

We’ve all heard the old axiom; “the fortune is in the follow up.”

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s very true, follow up is essential.

I use an amazing CRM system to keep on my follow up.

Whatever system you use the key is to use IT!

Engagement on your Social Media profile’s is another important method of follow up that is essential.

The more engagement you have the better more feedback you will get and better relationships you will develop. 

6.   Traffic Strategy

Now that you have everything set up and you are creating consistent valuable content you need people to see it.

Because I use my Blog as my hub for my marketing I send all my traffic there.

So when I put a post on Social Media I point it back to my blog.

Your Traffic strategy can be comprised of free organic traffic, paid traffic or a combination of both.

I would recommend starting with some free traffic strategies and graduate to paid traffic and paid ads.

Again the key is to get started and start generating traffic to your content and value.

The Secret Formula To Your Online Business Foundation – Summary

Of course, the primary secret to your business foundation is to start and be consistent.

Understanding the above formula will take your online marketing to the next step and beyond.

You just have to decide if you are tired of your old marketing and prospecting and ready to start a new and exciting strategy to build your business online!

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