Marketing Funnel Where Do You StartIf you are struggling with setting up your Online Marketing Funnel you NEED to read this today.  You will be amazed at how simple it is.

What if you could take a few hours setting up a great marketing funnel and then you’re done.

First, here are the resources that I use to build my funnels.

Clickfunnels and Funnelizer are the two programs that I recommend for creating capture page funnels.

Both of these systems allow you to build incredible funnels to send you target market prospects through.

Marketing Funnel – The Pieces

Let’s start with the basics so we can understand how are funnel should work and exactly what the purpose is.

Your funnel is designed to capture high-quality leads and send them through a process of purchasing your product or service.

Not all leads are going to purchase but the good news you still have a qualified lead on your list that may purchase at a later date.

Marketing Funnel – Capture Page

The first piece of you funnel is the capture page or as some call it the Optin page.

This is where you entice your visitor to exchange their information for an enticing Lead Magnet.

The purpose of this page is to solely to generate a high qualified lead that sold on you.

I would recommend that your first page have a short video of you explaining your lead magnet and then when they click a button they are taken to the page to fill in their information.

Marketing Funnel – Bridge Page/Welcome Page

This should have a video of YOU in it.

The purpose of this video is to frame the offer they will see on the next page.

Let’s use a Facebook Cheat Sheet as the lead magnet giveaway example.  Say something like:

“Congratulations for taking action.  You’re in the right place. Check your email inbox because your free Facebook Cheat Sheet is one it’s way there now. I’m super excited for you.  If you are going to do Facebook marketing you are going to need all the tools and training to make it work.  If you want to use that cheat sheet you to consider having the right tools.  On the next page, you are going to hear a presentation by my friend Brian Fanale and he’s going to show you exactly what saw a little while ago that changed my business forever.”

The idea is to welcome and introduce the sales page.

Marketing Funnel – Sales Page

This is where you will most likely have another video and a bunch of sales copy.

If you are using the system that I use you can take them to an already designed sales page that will do all of the selling for you.

Marketing Funnel – Conclusion

A small percentage will go all the way through your funnel and purchase your offer.

Most will optin and then bypass the final offer and that’s okay.

This is where you will start dripping on them through emails, videos, and valuable content.

The most important thing I can pass on to you about this funnel is your need to be congruent throughout the whole funnel.

If people think they are being led down a rabbit hole you will loose them for good.

You should also make sure you keep your videos to 1-2 minutes or you will loose them.

If you really want to take your video marketing to the next level then I would highly recommend the course that changed how I do my video marketing – No Fear Video Marketing by Mark Harbert.

More details on your Marketing Funnel in the video and here are some other resources that may help you:

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