7 Online Network Marketing Tools That I UseIn this post, I want to share with you, my seven favorite Online Network Marketing Tools that I use to build my Home Business Online.

One of the many questions I get asked is what online tools do I use to get the results I’m getting in my business.

The secret to great results is the right tools and consistency!

Having and using the right tools in your Network Marketing business will allow you to automate some important tasks.

I’m going to share with you some of my favorite tools but not all of the tools I use.

7 Online Network Marketing Tools That I Use

The particular tools are the ones that I use on a daily basis.

Remember, the results you have are dependent on the consistency in your marketing.

1.   ClickFunnels

This particular tool I use every day because of the power of building your list.

Clickfunnels is, in my opinion, the best Funnel building software on the market.

It is so packed full of features and benefits that it is a must for my business.

2.   WordPress Blog

When it comes to creating your brand and a persistent presence online blogging is by far the best method.

My blog is the hub of my marketing allows me to build lasting resources and generate leads.

There are many blog platforms out there, but by far the best is WordPress.

If you want to look at a system built on WordPress, then MLSP Sites is the place to go.

MLSP Sites has fantastic training, plugins, and themes to make your blog a World Class Blog even if you are a beginner.

3.   Facebook Live And Webinars

Facebook Live is relatively new marketing platform and is taking marketing by storm.

The two things that have helped me is using Facebook Live and Webinars.

People just love seeing other people face to face and live and these to platforms do just that.’

I have the link to the webinar resource I use below.

4.   Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has been one of those tools that I have not used until recently.

In fact, it was more of a nuisance than a tool.

When I discovered how it could be used to connect using their new audio feature I fell in love with it.

Once again allowing me to connect on a personal level using audio gives a great touch.

If you are not using Messenger, I highly recommend getting started with that today.

5.    Aweber/Autoresponder

The primary goal of every marketer is to create a list.

Having a system that allows you to communicate with that list is imperative.

I have used Aweber for years and loved it.

It’s ideal for the beginner and allows for growth to a big list while not breaking the bank.

I have recently graduated to Clickfunnels Actionetics program and just love it.

You can find out more about that below in the resources.

6.   Canva

Canva is a free program for creating some pretty impressive graphics for your posts and Social Media.

It’s pretty easy to use, and you can find out more in this post and the resource below.

If you are new to creating graphics and don’t want to spend a bunch of money Canva is the way to go.

7.   Youtube

Last but certainly not least is YouTube.

I believe video in all forms are the best marketing tools available today.

When I create a video through Facebook live or offline, I always upload it to Youtube to get more traction.

Youtube is the number 2 search engine out there and more and more people every day are using it to find what they need.

In the resources below, you will find a link to one of the best Video Marketing courses out there.

If you want to get good at using Youtube and other video marketing tools you need this course!

7 Online Network Marketing Tools That I Use – Video


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7 Online Network Marketing Tools That I Use – Summary

In conclusion, not matter what tools you are using the main key is consistency and value.

If you are not consistently providing value to your market, it really won’t matter what tools you are using.

Having the right tools will help you be consistent if they accomplish what you want and are easy to use.

I would love to hear about the tools you use to build your Network Marketing business.  Please share that with us in the comments below.

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