The Four Part Online Video Marketing FormulaIn this post, you are going to learn the Four Part Online Video Marketing Formula that will change your video marketing altogether.

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Understanding the simplicity of this four-part formula will amaze you.

I can tell you that all of the top video marketers are using this exact method.

The Four Part Online Video Marketing Formula

After this, you can start creating videos that get results every time.

So, let’s get into the formula.

1.   INTRO – State who you are and where you are

The Intro is where you let people know who you and where you are doing your video.

The perfect Intro should include Your Name, Your Website, and Your Location.

Example: “Hi my name is Ron Deering from RonDeering.com coming to you from my home office in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.” 

Your Intro should become second nature to you when you are doing all of your videos.

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2.   Ask A Question

Here you want to hit the pain points that your market has.

The question is meant to stimulate thought of the person watching the video.

The question should be open-ended which leads to your answer.

Questions are meant to be open loops.

After the question, you want to give them the bait to stay until the end.

Example: “Are you struggling to generate leads daily, then stick around until the end of this video because I have something special for you.”

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3.   High Value Content

The content is where the meat of the video goes.

The content to be high-value content and answer the question they came to the video to learn.

Make sure they get value even if they don’t follow your CTA.

Focus on one major point or subject to keep your video laser-focused

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4.   The Call to Action

If you get this part wrong it will and your results will be very scattered.

In the CTA you are showing them the NEXT step.

If you leave the CTA off or do it wrong, your success in Online Video Marketing will be bad!

Your viewers won’t do anything until you direct them!

The CTA moves them on the next part of the process.

Example: “to get more information on how you can generate more leads and sales on Youtube for your business in 90 days or less following a simple formula, download my free PDF and training video.  Click the link in the description below, enter your information and I will send it right over to you.”

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The Four Part Online Video Marketing Formula – Summary

Now that you have these 4 parts to the Video Marketing Formula you can start creating Video’s that convert and generate high quality leads every day.


  1. Intro – Name, Blog, Location
  2. Question – Ask an open loop question to bait them to the end
  3. High-Value Content – This is the meat of your video, be sure to answer the question the came there for.
  4. The Call To Action – This is the most important part of your video and directs them to the next step in the process

The next time you get stuck on how put your videos together please refer back to the post.

If you want to take you Video Marketing to the next level and become an authority in your niche, then you need to get your hands on No-Fear Video Marketing.

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