Online Video Marketing 4 Steps To SuccessI’m currently going through an Online Video Marketing course from the Master video marketer Mark Harbert and wanted to share.

The name of the course is No-Fear Video Marketing and to say that it is amazing is just not good enough.

If you ever wanted to learn and master online video marketing then this course is a MUST!

In this course, he talks about the 4 step to success that I want to share with you today.

Online Video Marketing 4 Steps To Success

1.     Research and Know Your Market

This is critical if you are going to really be successful with your marketing.

Thinking that everyone is a potential prospect, recruit or customer is a pretty big mistake.

Trying to market to people that are already health enthusiasts may not want to hear about your health products.

When you understand exactly who you target market is you will be more focused on your content and strategies.

2.     Create Video Content That Answers Your Markets Challenges

Once you have established step 1 now you can concentrate on answering the challenges that you target market have.

Anyone can do videos but the successful marketers understand their target market and the challenges they are having.

Answering those challenges instead of pitching your solution every time you open your mouth will set you apart from your competition.

Short 3 – 5 minute videos answering those challenges will make you the go-to person in your niche.

3.     Promote Your Video Content

Once you understand and have completed steps 1 & 2 you now need to promote your valuable videos everywhere.

As great as your video content may be, if no one sees it, it just doesn’t matter.

You have to take the time to optimize your descriptions and SEO and then promote throughout Social Media and your Blog.

Creation without Promotion is pretty much a dead end when it comes to Online Video Marketing.

4.     Cash Checks & Help Others

This last step is the result we are all working towards.

Just make sense right.  If we do the first 3 steps the logical outcome will be you will get recruits & customers and help others with their lives and businesses.

Below are some pretty common myths that Mark shared in his No-Fear Video Marketing course that I thought would help you assess where you are on your journey.

Myths About Online Video Marketing…

  • Must have lots of expensive equipment to be successful.
  • Videos need to be perfect
  • Need more credibility
  • Must know internet marketing
  • Need lots of technical ability
  • The camera adds 10lbs… 🙂
  • Need to create fancy videos to succeed
  • Need to have lots of success under your belt
  • That it’s hard to do…

Understand that these are all just myths that we manufacture in our own minds.

Here are some other resources that may help you.

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