MLM Success Tip: Overcoming Fear of Rejection

Overcoming Fear of Rejection

Overcoming Fear of Rejection

Have you ever felt like the phone weighs a ton, or just talking to that person you meet you will certainly die.  That’s what we call the Fear of rejection and everyone goes through it at one time or another.

Rejection is something we all experience no matter what we are doing in life.  I love the example of the Waiter/Waitress.

Have you ever been in a restaurant and when the server came to your table and offered you dessert you told them no thank you.

I’m sure you have.  Now here’s the real question, did the server start begging you to buy a dessert, or go away severely depressed over the rejection they just received.

Probably not.  The key is that they just don’t take it personal.  Dessert just isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

Overcoming FearOne of my Fear of Rejection Quotes is “False Evidence Appearing Real.”  How true this is for most of the fear in our lives.

Overcoming Rejection is so very important when it comes to building your Network Marketing Business.

How To Overcome This Fear?

So how do you overcome this fear.  By ACTION!

The more you take action against the fear that you have the easier it gets.

Funny thing I just finished listening to my mentor and friend Ray Higdon’s podcast for today and he talked about fear of rejection.

Here are a couple things he said.  Remember you are collecting decisions.  The other thing I thought was important was how many historical figures went through tremendous rejection.

People like, Elvis, Abraham Lincoln, Ray Kroc, Col Sanders, Norman Vincent Peale and so many more.

Think about someone you know that appears to be very courageous.  Your thoughts are probably that they just don’t fear anything.  You couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Courageous people are just normal people that have learned to break past their fears and move forward.  Do they fear, of course they do.  They just move past it with ACTION!

This is probably the number one thing that will keep you from taking action and the only way to get over that fear is to go do that thing that you fear!

I wish I could give you some magic formula, or secret elixir to drink that will take away your fear, but I don’t.  It’s like Nike’s slogan “Just Do It.”

Don’t let your fear debilitate you and cause you to not do anything or worse QUIT!  Once you push past your fears it will be much easier to teach and train your team on how to do the same.

I can’t stress enough that there isn’t magic just action that will cure your fears and take you on to success.

I would love to hear about some of your experiences overcoming your fears and pushing past and your successes.  Please take a minute and comment below and share this with your team.

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