MLM Passive Marketing vs MLM Active Marketing

MLM Passive Marketing vs MLM Active MarketingHave you ever wondered about the difference between MLM Passive Marketing and MLM Active Marketing and what the difference really are?

Understanding the differences between these types of marketing is key to building your MLM Business.

I’m amazed at how many people just split these two based on whether they are online or offline and that is just not the case.

Where you do the marketing doesn’t necessarily determine what kind of marketing it is.

What I will tell you is that one goal is common between the two methods and that is you are working on getting leads and ultimately making a sale/recruit.

VIDEO: The Difference Between Passive and Active Marketing

So, here are the basic differences between Passive Marketing and Active Marketing


This type of marketing is basically throwing advertising out there and sitting back and waiting and hoping someone will respond to your marketing whether online or offline.  Example: posting a capture page, posting on Social Media, writing a blog post.  You are a passive participant with your marketing.


This type of marketing is basically taking your marketing out there by actively being involved with whatever method you are using.  Example: calling a prospect, having a meeting, connecting on Social Media and building a relationship.  You are an active participant with your marketing.

The Rest Of The Story

These two marketing types can be accomplished either offline or online or both.

There are some that exclusively use the active method for building their team.  Some would call this the old-school way.

There are others who exclusively use the passive method or internet marketing for their team building.

Regardless which method you choose to use consistency is the most important thing.

My preference is the hybrid method of use both.  I do mostly passive, but combine that with active to fill in the gaps.

Which One Is Right For You?

Here are some resources for Active Marketing that will help you build your MLM Team.

As for Passive Marketing, I use and love the following system.

The reason I love this system is because it’s a COMPLETE online ATTRACTION MARKETING system.  When I say completely I mean it has everything you need to market your MLM Business Online and make money while you are building.

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