People Don’t Stop Eating Out of A Fear of Choking – Tip #10

People Don’t Stop Eating Out of A Fear of Choking

People Don’t Stop Eating Out of A Fear of Choking

Fear is something that is prevalent everyday of our lives.  We may have a fear of driving on the snow and ice.  We may have a fear that something will go wrong at work today and so on and so on.  Here’s the reality for most of us, we still drive, go to work and conquer those fears everyday also.

Here’s an excerpt from Ray’s article and Tip #10;

“Around 3,000 people die each year from choking, about 25,000 people die each year from falling, and around 42,000 people each year die from a car accident in the United States. (source). “

The reality is that people don’t stop eating, walking, or driving everyday of their lives.  What’s the point of this, you may have a fear of starting your own business and that’s keeping you from moving forward.

The reality is that most people who start their own business fail.  That’s just the facts.  It’s no wonder so many have a great fear of doing something that statistically sounds doomed to fail from the git go.

Here’s the other reality, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO FAIL!  If you let your fears of what could be, or what has happen to others turn into inactivity, self sabotaging talk and excuses, then YES it will fail and it won’t be because of your fears.  It will be because of what you have let your FEARS do to you.

Fear is a prison

Fear is a prison

Your fear will become your prison.  It will incarcerate you and keep you from attaining the freedom you really deserve in life.  The only one that can break you out of the Prison of FEAR is YOU!

This prison will keep you from living the dream lifestyle you and your family so deserve, it will keep you from being to help family and friends and it will from doing what God has designed you to do!

So how do you break out of this prison of FEAR?  The answer itself is pretty easy and logical, activity.  The more activity you do the less and less the fear becomes.

If you can remember back to that first time getting into the car for your first driving lesson.  There was that fear and apprehension of what was going to happen.  Would you do okay, would you live from the experience and so much more.

I would guess now you jump in the car without even thinking about it and go on your merry way.  I will tell you the story of when I was in the Army.

I had finished my basic training at Ft Knox, Kentucky and my next station was good old Ft Benning, Georgia for Jump School.  Yes I was about to learn how to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.

Tower Week

Tower Week

The first week was mainly physical training and some ground work.  The second week the called Tower Week and this week is where the fear really started to kick in.  We were required to fall from these 250′ towers after being towed up to the top.

Wasn’t so bad …. scared to death but I did it.  The next week was the last and called Jump Week.  We had to complete 5 jumps from Air Force C-130’s.

I can tell the whole day before and day of I was pretty scared and excited but SCARED.  Would my shoot open, what I break when I hit the ground, and everything else you could imagine.

jump week

jump week

Well I made it through jump week and got my wings jump wingsand since have gone on to jump hundreds of time, military and sky diving.  Am I still a little cautious, fearful, and excited you bet.  In fact I haven’t jump now in many years, so if I decided to do it again I’m sure I would go through a lot of those emotions again.

So what’s the point of this story… activity and I say massive activity reduced my fears and allowed me to escape from that prison of FEAR.

So if you find yourself incarcerated in the prison of fear, start doing some massive action and I guarantee you will escape and enjoy a dream life that you always wanted.

I Hope this has helped you and you have got value from this post.  Please share this with your team and comment below.

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