The Power Of Personal Branding In Your BusinessIf you don’t know about Personal Branding In Your Business, then this is the post you desperately need to read and share with your team.

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Being taught that you always needed to promote and brand your company and company products.

So, like everyone else I began my career in Network Marketing with sending my links out to the world and hoping for the best.

The Power Of Personal Branding In Your Business

If you look at the graphic above you will see some very familiar brands.

When you see the bitten Apple, you immediately think of Apple Computers.

Of course, there’s Coca-Cola simple but very recognizable.

Any one of those most people would recognize immediately and know what company and the product it represents.

How would you feel if your picture was up there in the graphic?

My mentor and friend is an excellent example of personal branding in your business.

When you see Ray Higdon’s face now, you know exactly who he is and what he does.

We recognize our favorite actor or actress from the pictures and then attach their movies to them.

This is all about Personal Branding.

Once your new people realize how important this is and how detrimental spamming your company links everywhere is they will be much more successful.

You have to ask yourself this question, How is spamming your links everywhere working for you?

I can almost guarantee that you are not having much success.

People, especially on Social Media are getting pretty fed up with all the spamming.

The Power Of Personal Branding In Your Business

So now the question is how do I accomplish this Personal Branding thing?

By delivering content on a consistent basis that adds value and answer the questions and solves the pain of your market niche.

That’s all there is to it!

Providing consistent value to your audience will turn you into the 3 Minute Expert!

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