The Easy Secret to Personal Branding OnlineOnce you understand how important Personal Branding Online is you will never be a spammer of your company links again.  I will share my secret to Branding.

First, I want to chat about why even do personal branding.

This question is probably the most asked question concerning branding.

People still think that promoting their Network Marketing company or product and all of it is benefits is the way to go.

Personal Branding Online – The Why

Have you ever been with a company and suddenly because of no fault of your own the company goes under.

You have been building and promoting your business and your product, and suddenly it is all gone.

If on the other hand if you had been branding yourself and became the expert in your niche you would have still been in business.

You have all heard the old saying “Wherever YOU Go There YOU Are.”

That is what personal branding is all about.

Making YOU that household word when it comes to your niche.

Personal Branding Online – The Secret

So, what is the Secret?

It is so simple you will kick yourself after I tell you.

The Secret to branding yourself is to offer consistent value and training to your niche market!

Once you are consistently adding value to your community people will start looking at you as their go-to expert and start promoting you to others.

Eventually, when people are talking about your particular Niche, your name will come up as one of the experts, just like when you think of fast food you immediately think of MacDonalds.

Personal Branding Online – The Method

The best method to take that branding online, in my humble opinion is through Blogging.

Blogging is an online method of delivering significant amounts of value in the form of posts.

The benefits of having a personally branded blog are that you own it, unlike the Social Media Platforms.

The another advantage of having a personally branded blog is that your posts are forever and people will find your articles weeks, months, and even years after you have written them.

Personal Branding Online – The Resources

I want to recommend to resources that have taken my blog from unknown to the number #3 MLM Blog out there.

First, the blogging platform I use is MLSP Sites.

The other is a course that in my opinion is a must if you really want to be the expert – The 3-Minute Expert!

With these two resources, you are set to become the Online Expert in your Niche.

In the video below I give you a little more information and here are some posts that may help as well.

VIDEO: The Easy Secret to Personal Branding Online


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