Personal Growth: Becoming Like PacMan In MLMI was talking to a client yesterday about personal growth mostly concerning our children when the idea of PacMan came to mind.  How does this relate to Network Marketing, you’ll see?

When it comes to personal growth and getting better at our craft there is no better system around than this one.

So here’s how the conversation went.  We were talking about how funny it is that when our children or even us for that matter get older how smart our parents and other adults become.

It’s like some magic switch is turned on and all of a sudden our parents become these geniuses. 🙂

Personal Growth: Becoming Like PacMan In MLM

So what does PacMan have to do with anything?  Well here goes.

pacman boardIf you remember the game of PacMan there were two main things going on all the time.

  1. PacMan was moving forward eating everything in his path
  2. Someone was chasing him eating everything in their path

Things were always on the move.  If you think about it this is exactly what we should be doing in our personal growth.

We should be gobbling up all the information, training and coaching we can from those who know more than we do.

Then we should teaching, coach and training those behind us so they can do the same thing.

We should always be chasing and we should always be chased!

If you are not chasing personal growth and you are not being chased by others then you are dead in the water!!

It’s like the cycle of life.  We grow up and find out that our parents were pretty smart after all.  Then our children grow up and find out the same about us.

Not sure why PacMan popped into my head concerning Personal Growth and I’m certainly dating myself, but it sure seems like a great analogy.

So hopefully the next time you think about your own Personal Growth PacMan will pop into your head and you will remember this illustration.

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