Personal Growth Lessons From The ZooThis past Labor Day weekend we took our youngest Granddaughter to the Seattle Zoo, so I wanted to share with you some Personal Growth Lessons I learned.

I had no idea that a simple trip to the Seattle Zoo would present itself with some valuable lessons.

We decided awhile back that we were going to take our youngest Granddaughter to Seattle for a couple of days to see some of the sites.

The Woodland Zoo was certainly going to be one of the stops.

Personal Growth Lessons From The Zoo

We got to the Zoo just before it opening so we could avoid the crowds.

We ended up spending 6 hours there and having a blast.Kanagroos at the zoo

Here are just a couple of things that I noticed that made me start thinking.

It was a pretty constant theme throughout the park when it came to the animals.

The staff would tell us that they had to make sure that the animals are stimulated and always encouraged to stretch themselves.

If they were allowed just to vegetate in their environments, they would soon wither away and die.

This Lesson is one of those valuable Personal Growth Lessons for us!

The other lesson I saw was with the staff.

IMG_0609The Staff was always taking more classes to learn more and going through more training to get better at their jobs.

They didn’t just get there and learn what they needed to get by and leave it at that.

They were always working to get better with the animals and the people that came to know the animals.

This picture is NOT a picture of the Staff in school. 🙂

Personal Growth Lessons From The Zoo

Must of us realize that we would be stagnant without personal growth in our lives.

I typically spend at least an hour or more a day reading, listening or watching to personal growth lessons.

I hope these simple life lessons will encourage you to take your Personal Growth seriously.

If you are not growing you are dying!

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