Personal Production Creates Massive Momentum

Personal Production Creates Massive Momentum

Personal Production Creates Massive Momentum

Personal Production is so very key to building a big and growing organization.  This has always been one of my down falls.

I would sponsor a handful of people and then spend all my time trying to motivate and manage my team to grow.

I love Matt Morris example of pushing a rock up a hill.  Your personal production is like grabbing rocks and pushing them up a hill.

When they get to the top they will roll over and can start the process on their own.

There are so many huge benefits to keeping your personal production always going.

First, you’ve probably heard the old saying that “the speed of the pack is driven by the speed of the leader,” well this is so very true.

If your team sees you sitting back in the management mode then they will think that’s where they should be too.

The more people you can get moving up that hill the more likely you are to finding those diamonds out there and creating that huge organization.

Here’s where I believe the huge benefit comes, personal production creates a massive momentum for your team.  When the team sees that you are continually building they can’t help but jump on the band wagon.

Here’s my personal dilemma I have stop and now it’s time to get back into the game and not only get back into the game but don’t stop my personal production until my residual income is my retirement!

How about you, are you at a place in your business that you have moved into the management mode and your team has become stagnant.

Excitement breeds excitement and personal production breeds team production.

If 2015 is going to be my and going to be your year then Personal Production is going to be one of the Major things that have to take place.

Two things that go hand in hand are your Personal Production and Your Personal Growth.  These two things in my opinion are inseparable.

My mentor and friend Ray Higdon has a ton of articles on both of these subject and I would recommend getting on his mailing list and listening to his daily Podcast.

Well that’s it for today…. please share this with your team and comment below.

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