Personality Colors- Their Importance In MLMUnderstanding the Personality Colors in your MLM Business is very important when it comes to dealing with people.  Remember Network Marketing is a People Business.

I love how are trainer Marc Accetta goes through explaining these personality colors and he has a test you can take to see exactly what color you are.

How we react with our prospects and team members is all about each person’s personality traits.

I love what Marc says about becoming a chameleon when we are interacting with the different personality colors.

Personality Colors- Their Importance In MLM

Why is understanding the different personality types important in our MLM Business?

When you understand what personality type YOU are and how that interacts with other personality types you will communicate much more effectively.

Understanding that Red’s and Yellow’s are polar opposites and if you try and communicate to a Yellow with a Red personality you will accomplish NOTHING!

So when Marc talks about becoming a chameleon he means that after you understand what color the person is that you are talking to you need to adjust so they will hear you.

Each color needs to get to know all about the other colors outside of who you are.

Understanding that Red’s and Yellow’s are opposite and Blue’s and Green’s are opposite will help you immensely.

I would encourage you to take Marc’s Personality test and see exactly where you are at.

Here are my results just to give you an idea of who I am.

My Color Test Results

So now you know how to deal with me and how I deal with others.  🙂

Personality Colors: Definitions


Fun-loving, bright, spontaneous, and generally jovial, ‘blue’ people are the type that “lives for the moment.” They are extremely sociable and outgoing and like to be out in the sun.

They prefer to follow strong leaderships and are willing to cooperate as long as they get treated nicely. On the downside, they tend to be forgetful and are usually not mindful of their time.

Due to their spontaneity, they are impulsive buyers and as a result, spend their money freely. People under this category are also travelers and adventurers


People in this category are rational and calculated thinkers. They try to research exhaustively before deciding on something and refrain from making rash decisions.

They are natural cynics and are usually skeptical of other people’s motives; probably because they do not trust their intuition as much as established facts.

As a result, they are very realistic and they possess a proclivity toward prejudging people. They are also systematic and pedantic, sometimes necessitating guidelines by which they can abide by. They are also notorious for being emotionally detached.


Confident, challenge-oriented, competitive—these are probably the three most appropriate adjectives to describe ‘red’ individuals.

They tend to hang out with fellow achievers, despite their many insecurities and their strong desire for approval. They are also known for being good decision-makers.

On the other hand, they can be short with people and prefer to be in the VIP section. This does not make them particularly good team players.


Easily the most personable among the four types, ‘yellow’ types are extremely loyal and are very good team players. They value honesty and integrity and are very family-oriented.

This is largely the reason why they prefer to follow ethical leaders. They love all forms of life and are very environmentally conscious, thus making them great outdoors people.

They try to avoid conflicts and confrontations as much as possible and usually take on the role of a peacemaker in dire situations. They love to support charities and other worthy causes, thus impelling them to dislike greedy and materialistic people.

They are also creative, expressive, and unpretentious.

Please Take the Test and Let Me Know In Your Comments How You DID!

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